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10 Rappers In The 40 & Over Club That Still Got The Glow


There is no doubt to some most that if Christopher “Notorious B.I.G.” Wallace were alive today, his crisp baritone flow would still be intact and potent as ever. In honor of Biggie’s 40th birthday today, Hip-Hop Wired has compiled a list of so-called “old fogies” age 40 and over in the young man’s sport of Hip-Hop that still smash microphones on the regular.

You young whipper snapper rappers will be blessed to get a fraction of their longevity. Here are 10 rappers in the 40 and over club that still got the glow*.


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— Photo: CNN

*Really 13, but who’s counting?

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  • Ron

    How can u have this list and not put E-40 in the top ten! U have tech n9ne and not E40 come on dawg!

    • Becbec99

      He’s on the list

  • BBE

    WTF? Where is Common?? He’s one of the most visible rappers over 40 and can out- freestyle many half his age.

    • Becbec99

      He’s on the list did you go through the whole thing cause the list I saw had common on it

  • BBE

    I mean you pick Ice Cube? Most don’t even know he still raps!! This site sucks donkey balls!! 

  • ~DEE DEE~


  • ByrdLady

    Just out of curiosity…how old is Bun B? Is he not yet 40?


    I Love Tech N9ne!!!!

  • IllyPhilly

    Ew, Nobody wants to hear their granddad rap

  • they could of added talib kweli…but ok.

  • they could of added talib kweli…but ok.

  • oops never mind he isn’t 40 yet lol smh

  • Tsalz

    Dr. Dre > all of these rappers any day, you people are on crack for not even including him

  • ☮ Ankh ☥

    the age shouldn’t determine artist’s retirement in the rap game, it should be the lyrical content. I don’t want to hear rappers spitting about staying in the hood in front of the liquor store while the pants is sagged – social and political issues should more of the 40 years old rapper’s substance.



  • forgot Eminem 

  • MoparKing

    Man we all getting old. im in my twenties and it seems like yesterday i was listening to these people.

  • joe peaz

    I still got hope im 34 to drop my jewels follow me @ hbgzpeaz

  • TrellieMatrix

    Anyone else was expectin to see eminem up here, but then remembered hes 38?

    • unan

      He’s 39, and 40 this October.

  • koffybrown

    Common is still finnnnnne!! woo!

  • koffybrown

    Common is still finnnnnne!! woo!

  • Dimples

    WTF!!!!! Wer 2Pac at?

  • IM from OAKLAND Ca we always forgot about