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Birdman Tells DJ Envy That Lil’ Kim Is Lying [VIDEO]


Birdman and Mack Maine stopped by MTV 2’s Sucker Free Countdown this week and talked to DJ Envy about the controversial Lil’ Kim interviewed that aired on Power 105 a few days ago.

Basically, Birdman said Lil’ Kim is lying through her teeth. Check the video after the break.


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  • O.L.B

    Lil’ Kim has been telling her side of the story for the past 3yrs and Not a single word has changed. Now all of the sudden Birdman wants to defend himself..wtf..that whole YMCMB camp need to have several seats.

  • LOOK at his body language. As soon as he’s confronted with the question he can’t stop moving, can’t keep eye contact, he even has to fiddle with his phone. That’s what happen when liars get nervous. At this point everyone should know Nicki has stole things (music & looks) from lil Kim. Why even bother lying about it? Now if lil Kim decides to throw some proof out there, they’re going to look even more stupid. Oh, and the guy who mumbled “Pink Friday” at the end. He sounds a lil Forest Gump Slow. “Pannnk Fraeeedaiii”

  • DEE

    Lmao oh please… Y he pop up right after Kim spoke… SCAMES! we all know y’all are about bitting styles.. I BELIEVE KIM

  • Professor

    Kim’s story makes no sense! If she gave music to Baby and Slim, her beef would be with them. That’s no reason to be mad at Nikki. She is mad at Nikki for some other reason. Hell, if it stolen music, there no proof Nikki knew source. Kim said she gave it to Slim and Baby. Her story is BS!

    • abgie

      You sound stupid. Lil kim has stated the same story from day 1. The ymcmb camp either never comments on it or come up with different reasons why she’s mad when they do. Nicki new from the jump what was going on, and has chosen to take countless jabs at kin BEFORE the whole black Friday mixtape. I’m a fan a nicki, but right is right and wrong is wrong. How you take someone’s whole persona and not give them credit. It is very clear that she took this woman’s whole style to the point where it’s like she is/was obsessed with kim. Even going as far as using the same EXACT lyrics. Please watch playtime is over on youtube.

  • nickwoods

    well kim should be having beef with baby and slim. she should be suing them if they stoled her music

  • nickwoods

    well kim should be having beef with baby and slim. she should be suing them if they stoled her music

  •  A good conscience fears no witness, but a guilty
    conscience is solicitous even in solitude. If we do nothing but what is
    honest, let all the world know it. But if otherwise, what does it
    signify to have nobody else know it, so long as I know it myself? Mi

  • Ajustinmoore

    Dude is obviously lying. When people try to convince you of their credibility, that’s a clear sign of dishonesty. Integrity doesn’t need to be defended. It just is what it is. 

  • first off all they promise her that she would be sighed to their lable  and then they flip the script and if you seen vedios off nickie before she was biteing lil kim style  she flip it when the money start coming in but one thing about kim she was no sellout nickie round her just like  the rest off young money doing bubblegum records all this pop crap hip hop is hip hop stop trying to make it as something else  and lil wayn wit this skater boy crap and wear sleep wear to perform heck  no thats not hip hop they screw it up a real hiphop arist keep its real no other strings are tied with in  

  • i never heard nickie one time give lil kim proprs so he lying right there 

  • Sevengance