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Lil’ Cease Says Tupac And Biggie Would Have Squashed Their Beef [VIDEO]


Had they not tragically died within months of one another, Tupac and Biggie would have reconciled, according to Lil’ Cease. In an interview with, Cease explained that both men would have eventually squashed their beef.

“I think if him and B.I.G. would’ve saw each other and chopped it up after that Source Awards s**t, the situation would’ve been different,” said Cease. “We saw him on numerous occasions, and nothing happened. We had little words, but nothing happened. He knew B.I.G. I just think the wrong people got in his ear; the wrong people were feeding him s**t. And he ran with it. At the end of the day, I think it was all love between  them. I think it was just the two…ni**as had batteries in their backs, and it pushed them in the wrong direction.”

Of course we’ll never know what could have been seeing as how both men are no longer around, but judging by his past rifts, Pac was pretty serious about not liking someone. On the other hand, with age comes wisdom, so he may have let it all go, eventually.

The bigger question is not whether or not they would have been friends, but why both murders remain unsolved, all these years later.


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