Sadly idols also become rivals in the media game. Thankfully two former foes are now on better terms.


Atlanta was treated to a moment they never thought would happen. Two of the city’s top names have called a truce.

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Rewind the clocks back to several years during the turning point of President Obama’s second election season and famed civil rights activist Harry Belafonte waged war on both Jay Z and Beyonce for “turning their backs” on social issues the less fortunate faced. That rift occured in 2012 and aside from an unanswered olive branch […]

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Iggy Azalea’s decision to return to active tweeting hasn’t exactly resulted in much positivity, but the Australian rapper is powering through anyway.


Welp. Just like that, The Game has added another squashed beef for the history books.

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The Game’s willingness to take on any conflict has been a facet of his career that most likely will forever stay that way.

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Consequence is an artist’s artist and he doesn’t let creative differences hinder his creative expression–for long.

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The year was 2005. Rumors of Jay Z’s dissension with business partner Damon Dash and the future of Roc-A-Fella Records were the talk of the Hip-Hop world. Ultimately the rumors proved to be true and great rift throughout the company was created; dividing the artists on the roster’s loyalty and creative platforms.

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While it’s been clearly evidenced that average citizens may have to answer to the things they spew onto social media, rappers aren’t exempt from being held into question for some of the things they do or say on wax.

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Rap beefs tend to be violent, petty and…predictable but when it comes to any other genre, you can expect much of the latter two and more of a pillow fight when it comes to the physical contact.


YG and DJ Mustard shocked the entire world earlier this week when they let a personal feud over money go public on Instagram.

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What’s beef? That famous question was once posed by the late, great Notorious B.I.G. in efforts to really outline the seriousness of a feud on wax. Unfortunately, the legendary MC was gunned down before he could lyrically reconcile with any of his foes that he had serious issues with. Mainly Tupac Shakur.