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Rewind the clocks back to several years during the turning point of President Obama’s second election season and famed civil rights activist Harry Belafonte waged war on both Jay Z and Beyonce for “turning their backs” on social issues the less fortunate faced. That rift occured in 2012 and aside from an unanswered olive branch the “Day-O” singer extended to the celebrity couple a year later, the beef went ice cold.

During a recent interview with The Laura Flanders Show, Cornel West actually revealed that a resolution was met and Lupe Fiasco of all people were involved. When host Laura Holmes brought up the aforementioned tension, West revealed everyone “had words.”

“Oh, we did, we did—we had some wonderful words,” he whispered. “Lupe Fiasco was there as well as you know.” Actually we didn’t, but we glad he shared.

“Jay Z is a lyrical genius,” West continued. “We’ve had geniuses before in black culture. The question is, what are you going to do with it? Who are you going to serve?”

Following Belafonte’s Summer Jam screen moment, Jay Z addressed the slight on the 2013 song “Nickles and Dimes” from the album Magna Carta Holy Grail with the lyrics, “I’m just trying to find common ground/before Mr. Belafonte come and chop a ni**a down.”

Watch the full 20-minute interview where Dr. West discusses a myriad of topics including the turmoil in Ferguson, Baltimore, New York City and of course, President Obama.

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