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The year was 2005. Rumors of Jay Z’s dissension with business partner Damon Dash and the future of Roc-A-Fella Records were the talk of the Hip-Hop world. Ultimately the rumors proved to be true and great rift throughout the company was created; dividing the artists on the roster’s loyalty and creative platforms.

Dash created the Dame Dash Music Group and obtained a chunk of the artists, most notably Beanie Sigel. Kanye West, who was still breaching his peak as superstar at the time, had the choice to make his own decision and sided with Jay Z. In hindsight, the decision was the better flip of the coin, even though it was Dash who had recognized his talents to become a solo rapper opposed to strictly an in-house producer.

Although they was never blood spilled in the e-streets, their relationship had publicly remained fractured until last night’s reunion at the 2015 BET Honors were Dash deserving was the one the present Kanye with his well deserved Visionary Award.

“I got issues with Kanye but they’re emotional,” The Urban Daily reports Dash said at the Warner Theatre podium in Washington D.C. “My history with Kanye is I didn’t respect him as a rapper because I was around the greatest rappers, but he has courage.”

Kanye graciously accepted the reconciliation and went on to dig a ditch of his own for his wife Kim Kardashian’s ex-lovers. “They say white girls go out and get a rich black dude. But my wife dated broke black dudes. So it’s not about the money,” he randomly blurted out. That shot could be thrown at a number of Kim K’s former flames, but she was notorious for dating professional ball players (and Ray J) so it is anybody’s guess who he was directly referencing.

Still, the night wasn’t about a lack of chill. It was about Kanye getting the roses while he can still smell them and Mr. Poppington’s stigma of bitterness being eradicated.

Hit the gallery below to see all of the highlights of Kanye West & Dame Dash getting chummy once again.

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