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Is The Backlash Against Chris Brown Racially Motivated?


Chris Brown’s behavior always comes back to bite him, no matter how many steps he takes forward one mistake brings back memories of his assault on Rihanna. The latest  outburst came after a comedian taunted him on Twitter. Even though she instigated the situation his inability to keep his emotions at bay resulted in the 23-year-old deleting his  page, followed by yet another public backlash.

Brown is far from the only notable to physically assault a woman  (Charlie Sheen, Ike Turner, Flavor Flav, Norman Mailer, all come to mind), but his is a story that the public can’t seem to let go of, leading some to believe that race is the elephant in the room.  After the assault Brown, who is a singer, was called a rapperlong before he tested his rhyming skills on “Look at Me Now” making for a thinly veiled comparison between Hip-Hop music and abuse, further embedding the notion that those belonging to the culture support misogyny, violence, and everything in between.  jumped head first into the theory that the Virginia native is being unfairly targeted for his abusive past based on the color of his skin. According to the site, it’s the fact that a photo of Rihanna’s beaten and bruised face is still burned into our memories, and  Brown’s unwillingness to shift our assumptions in a more positive direction (by doing things like destroying a dressing room at Good Morning America, and his ill-received Halloween costume choice) that are his biggest obstacles:

“Reporting on Chris Brown’s brutality tour as if he’s the totem for all domestic abusers is hard not to do when, for a variety of reasons, Chris Brown is almost certainly the most famous domestic abuser of all time. It is not insidious or racist to acknowledge his crimes, nor is it racist to talk about Brown’s abuses more often than we talk about those of less famous white men accused of the same thing. But looking at the relish with which some people seem to hurl abuse at Brown, or at his fans’ lack of educations and use of street slang, it’s hard not to see at least some prejudice there. There are a lot of people in this world who deserve to be called dumb assholes; why does everyone get such a kick out of doing it to Brown?”

Surely Brown must take responsibility for bot his actions and  public image. But is the Rihanna beating being held over his head because he’s a Black man?

Feel free to weigh in via the comments section below.


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  • Of course. And it always will because we live in a digital age. Everyone has an opinion and its easy to put it out there and find other people to agree. Yes it’s because he’s black. And to a certain extent race doesn’t. Play as big as factor as it did in the beginning. I understand it’s hard to do right when people are always shoving it down your throat but it only bothers you if you let it get to you. Like with the chick on twitter who was poking at him. As much effort as it took reply to her tweets the same effort, and a lot less of it, could have went to hitting the BLOCK button. Everyone knows how people in the USA feel about terrorists. Why the hell would you dress like them as a joke? I could see if it were among friends. But you went OUT like that with fake weapons! C’mon bruh. I don’t condone his actions. Especially the whole thing with Rihanna. But in the end she forgave him so the rest of the world shouldn’t have to hold the grudge for her. I try to see whatever good he does but his little stunts outshine that. He needs some more anger management classes or something to that degree.

    • dj44

      I don’t see all the uproar for all the Black Face jokes, Nooses and actual murder of blackmen in this country everyday, there should be an outrage! That’s why these babies are killing each other so brutally, we have shown them that black life means NOTHING….now bout my man Chris…he is also a young black male….who has a self induced negative experience…But tell me , Tommie Lee and Pam Anderson were alo a crazy in love couple….and everytime he assaulted her or gave her some disease most white people were still pulling for them to work out…Go to hell all the damn hypocrites …Chris needs to act more responsibly knowing how they feelout him and all. But HE’S from Virginia he saw red necks, upclose and personal