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Viewers Call Jamie Foxx’s SNL Appearance “Racist” [VIDEO/PHOTOS]


Jamie Foxx hosting Saturday Night Live over the weekend wasn’t full of rave reviews. Some viewers thought the sketches were extremely racist and stereotypical.

In his opening monologue, the Oscar winner asked and answered the rhetorical question “How Black is that?” From Jay-Z’s small stake in, but big influence over, the Nets, to President Obama, and mention  of Foxx’s forthcoming Django Unchained flick, he covered it all. “I got a new movie coming out, Django, check it out…Django Unchained, I play a slave. How Black is that? In the movie, I have to wear chains. How whack is that? But don’t be worried about it, because I get out [of] the chains, I save my wife, and I kill all the White people in the movie. How great is that? And how Black is that?”

There was also a B-tch What’s The Answer? skit helmed by Foxx who played a game show host repeatedly cutting off the contestants (one of which was a woman), by yelling out “B-tch what’s the answer?”

Viewers also took issue with a skit where two White cast members mimicked Japanese people, which also featured Foxx at the end, as well as the Texas native playing a Hostess Ding-D0ng-turned-rapper.

Another sour spot was a digital short starring Kenan Thompson who played a pimp, selling Christmas trees.

Before long the comments started to roll in: “This @SNL skit is probably racist,”  tweeted one viewer.

The show as a whole got people pretty upset, but Foxx’s comment about killing all the White people in his new film caught some flack. “Just learned tonight that Jamie Foxx is a racist P.O.S. so I decided not to watch any more of his movies. #SNL,” wrote another person, while someone else pegged the entire show as being terrible on all levels.“Wasn’t Saturday’s SNL the worst, most unfunny, most racist and sexist episode EVER? Made me almost feel dirty just to watch.”

But not everybody was upset about the show. One person (sarcastically?) noted that the episode wasn’t politically correct, which is exactly what he expected. “SNL X BLACK HOST = EXTRA RACIST BAD SKITS #myfave

SNL has a reputation for offending and amusing, but just in case you want to decide for yourself, see Foxx’s monologue below, plus click through some shots of some of the skits, and a few angry tweets.


Photos: NBC

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  • Tim_Parker_999

    Blacks have by far the highest illegitimacy rate in the country at 70%. . . How black is that!

    • Voice Of Reason

      Black men have the biggest d*cks of any race of men, how black is THAT ?

      • Tim_Parker_999

        Big d*cks & small monkey brains, how black is THAT?

  • Tim_Parker_999

    1 in 3 blacks go to prison. . . How black is that!

    • Ambitious12

      go sit down some where…..

    • WPTH

      White America puts 1 in 3 blacks in prison…How whack is that!

      • most blacks can’t add, now that’s really black

      • jrzsfnst609

        dont forget a**hole at the end of the day a Black Man is running this country,

      • d

        the ground…

      • fa-ra-ra-ra-ra

        Actually he’s only half black and if I’m not mistaken was raised by a white person.

      • Koalas

        And Republicans still wanted him out of office, and claimed that he was a Muslim, and that he wasn’t even born in the USA. How whack is that?!

      • Gray

        Did you know that it was Democrats who first questioned Obama’s Birth Certificate and claimed he was born in Kenya?

      • WPTH

        Yes, as you obviously know most blacks, and addition and subtraction being the most basic concepts in arithmetic, you must certainly be correct. well done.

      • shoot the puck

        The only whack part is that its not 3 out of 3

      • WPTH

        If you have hate in your heart, let it out! LOL. Stay mad, it isn’t going to change the coming tide of the future. Start learning Spanish.

    • WannaUseStatisticsHuh

      Run that by me again, mass murderer?

  • How dare any white person speaking on racism as long as black been putting up with your racist ways now yuo are a minority but karma is real all your hate you have shown other races over the years are coming back to bite you in the a what you thought god was not going to punish thow for your atrocities.

    • Jim Graves

      So we haven’t shown the love of the Hutus for the Tutsis? Or the Zulus for the Xhosas. We haven’t shown the love of Idi Amin, Papa Doc Duvalier or Mobutu? How many millions dead in the Rwanda and DRC conflicts? Millions of black murdered by other blacks, many times along tribal lines. Is the white man to blame for that?

      • muse

        Lol same ole same ole.

      • muse

        Great justification cause im assuming white people dont kill white people. U went back to the zulus i guess we should get over slavery also but make sure we never forget the holocaust. Yea that sounds right

      • The Know-Madd

        Actually they are to blame! I know you are really unaware of history but your ingnorance is really mind boggling. Go read upon the Berlin conference and you will see that alot of problems in Africa stem from whites and colonial imperialism back from the 1700 and 1800’s. How do you think all those African countries got their names and shapes and speak languages that Europeans speak. Now go crawl back into your hole and go back to sleep!!!

      • The Soulful Vegan

        I wish I could “like” your comment a million times over! Well said!!!

      • So, according to you, tribal warfare, r@pe, pillage, and the rest never existed before this late 1800’s conference? I’ll most certainly concede the vileness of what you’ve mentioned, but you’re perspective is as narrow as the one you’ve tried to deride and berate. Try reading something that isn’t laced with Afrobot propaganda. Oh, wait. This is a hip hop forum. AfroGodNonsense is the bible around here.

      • Frank Burns

        Yes, yes, we know. Everything, everywhere, any time that is wrong with blacks as a group is never their own responsibility. No, it’s always “da man.” I guess that lame, pathetic, whining is also whitey’s fault, too.

      • SOannoyed

        in some cases yes. Africa was colonized and is still being colonized by European, United States, Islamic and Chinese governments. In many cases including the case of Idi Amin and Papa Doc these were leaders that were put in place because of funding and support by western governments. Even Bin Laden worked for the CIA at one time. Knowyourhistory and the History of others too.

      • Frank Burns

        And what a coincidence it is that the areas of Africa with the highest life expectancy averages, and any advancements beyond the Stone Age, are those that “suffered” from colonialism.

      • The Soulful Vegan

        Your comment seriously saddens me “brother.” Just SAD!

      • Karen V Cratch

        millions of people killed and property distroy by the white devil you.

    • Do you speak any human language? That would be very helpful, if you’re capable. Based on the little bit from your illiterate, incoherent, ignorant post that was decipherable, however, I doubt that it would be of any value.

    • Sure are brave behind a keyboard, aren’t you??

    • The Facts

      Astounding ignorance James. White’s has suffered more than any race on earth. For centuries whites were kidnapped, terrorised and sold into slavery by various outposts of the ottoman empire (read up on the Barbary pirates), a third of whites were wiped out by the plague and in their most vulnerable times, opportunists from all over the world including Asia AND Africa raped, thieved and pillaged European populations. Famine, war disease and persecution have hit whites more than anyone, the difference is they were able to pick themselves up and not cry victim like others.

      • SOannoyed

        child please. Whites were one of the last races to form so by that fact alone they have not suffered the worst. The plague was because of rats and dirty hygiene. The Moors ran one country in all of Europe and even Shakespeare can tell you they didn’t do what you are saying. Everywhere white people went on this planet they spread disease, killed people and colonized other people’s minds all under the guidance of the “King James version of the Bible”. If White people were so bad off how did they come into dominance today? Sit down think about what you write and try not to hurt yourself.

      • Perfect example of lunatic racist Afrocentrism, right there.

      • This is an Afrobot chit-hop forum. No one here will ever read anything that isn’t stamped with the lunacy of Afrocentrism. They are programmed to believe black negr0 Africans alone created everything in the entire history of the world.

      • Cha-Cha322

        And you call yourself “The Facts”??? LMAO!!!!!!

    • piper

      You are ridiculous! How many jews were tortured, r@ped and slaughtered by the do not hear jews using that everytime one gets pulled over for a traffic violation or when a jew doesnt get the job they wanted. The race card used by blacks is getting really old.

    • WhitePrideWorldWide

      Are you 12? lol

  • guest

    That was so far from racist

  • Honestly, people are jumping on this (for good reason), because it has been a LOOOONNNNGGG while since a Black man was called out for being racist on TV. Liberals let everyone slide (think “Back in CHains” Biden)

    I’m not racist, but people are correct when they say: “If a white person said: ‘I get to kill blacks!!'” EVERY…EVERY media, journalist, black union, leftist would make it that they were cast out of media entirely

    • SOannoyed

      they may but Black people also did not enslave White people dehumanize and put in place racist policies aimed at continuing to hold the black race down. Read your history not the history the tea party wants you to hear. Oh yeah please don’t forget that conservatives are actively trying to change history books to ensure the true story is not told of All the ways white colonization has and continues to torment other cultures in the u.s and across the globe. Put down your hat of white privilege and read your history.

      The movie is about Slavery and a man who is being enslaved while his wife is being raped and abused. How is this any different than the last Quentin Tarantino movie where they killed all the Nazi’s?

      • Everything you just said was racist. Stop reading Afrocentric nonsense. Buy a vowel. Get a clue.

      • The truth hurts right? What exactly was racist about stating facts about how white ppl have colonized, rapped and brutalized several cultures? You’ve committed genocide several times over and yet play victim when called out on it.

      • NYC

        who is “you” you blithering idiot? do you think white slavers and colonizers are still alive to this day?

        yet it IS you black cowards trying to justify your own personal racism and hate.

  • LOL!

    A lot of whites use stereotypes and statistics everyday. That’s basically their whole conversation. They live off that stuff.

    • What?

      This is so true. I live in the suburbs and all the white people out here talk about is race. It’s really weird.

  • jalexck04

    As a white person I am tired of being called a racist because of my ancestors doing. I am all for the betterment of the Black American community and support efforts for ALL people to be equal. But how can anyone support this man’s comments? He has not only celebrated the fact that he gets to kill White Americans in his movie but he also says “how black is that?” as if all Black Americans dreams are to go out and kill White Americans. This is unacceptable.

    • adam

      amen brother. we need to remember the past and know that is not the present!

    • The simpletons here will never accept the fact that black on non-black violent crime far outnumbers any other, worldwide. Numbers do not lie.

      • SlimJames89

        Seriously? What numbers?

      • Karen V Cratch

        WHY DO YOU CARE?

    • Youngindy21

      That is not what he is saying. He is saying that that is what a black person would have wanted back in that time. And you can still be a racist in this day and age. You act like racism is something that magically disappeared once blacks were let out of slavery and civil rights laws were passed. Go down South and their are a lot of people who are not ashamed to say they don’t like black people.

      • jalexck04

        Younggindy, I live in the South (NC in fact) and I have seen racism for too long. There is no doubt that there are still racist in the world. However, the racism I have seen goes both ways. Here where I live is a large gang population, mostly blacks, and do you know who their targets are? You guessed it, white people. That’s not me being racist, that is me stating facts. So before I hear the “Southern white people are racist” card being played, yes there are just as many black racist in the world. If you come here where I live you will hear the same old tune “I’m tired of being called a racist.” Believe it or not, many of us white people just want the racist card to stop. Yes there are some white racist in the world, but don’t attribute racism to solely white people. Other

      • SlimJames89

        As a black person from the South (SC, but lived for a time in Durham, NC) I feel you’re right; racism does go both ways. I would dispute your assertion that the main targets of black gangs are white people- in my experience it usually doesn’t work like that, but then again I don’t know where you live, so I concede that I could be wrong. I think that a lot of the division over these comments is springing from the fact that it’s still kind of a new thing for white people to put the “racist” tag on blacks; there’s a disconnect because we’re still a minority and we’re still disadvantaged compared to white america.

      • Tango Unchained Melody

        If you think it’s a card, you are probably a RACIST.

    • Tango Unchained Melody

      You sound like you have serious issues. And in fact, you are racist. There are better things to be worried about…not only your ancestors doings, but your contemporary white bretheren’s doings and your own–as evidenced by this ridiculous post you just foisted on us here. Go sit down.

    • hutch0868

      That was the best SNL i ever seen and I am also white,Get a grip its a comedy show.

    • Renee Rushing

      I don’t.

  • Segregation wasn’t originally set up to disenfranchise black people. It was set up to protect white people.

  • hhhhh

    What’s being said on this comment board by both sides leads me to well believe that we are just as racist in this country as we were in the pre civil rights movement, its just that the standards in society have changed, but the feelings, the insecurities , the fear , the hate, its all the same, im black, I have white wife, we understand each other, we listen to each other , she’s seen me get discriminated against, I’ve seen reverse racism towards her, we listen and try to sympathize with each others position, not try to see who’s worse or who’s right the sad thing is if u asked all of the individuals on here none of them would admit to being racist in person , that’s why its gotten worse, people either have no accountability,, or they’ve figured out that as long as I don’t say that II don’t say that I hate that other race or use racist. words I can lie and say that I’m not a racist

  • Terrible episode and most skits were race focused in some way. NOT FUNNY.

  • rbel

    I dont see racism, just stereotypes. Am I wrong here?

    • likesNOBODY

      Id agree. It was very stereotypical. But I just have one question…do these idiots really think jamie foxx wrote this?!? ROTFLMAO

  • People are so confused,, not listening, jumping to conclusions. If Jamie was Aussie, Scottish, Italian, etc, and focused some skits on that, nobody would care!

  • As far as the ‘Asian’ skit, did u even watch it? Doesn’t seem likely. It was about a couple weird people being stereotypical in a strange homage to what they think is the culture. Jamie’s character fit right in.

  • If Jamie was Italian, Scottish, Aussie, we wouldn’t have these comments. We are all racist.

  • Uneed2knodis

    Hes stupid, & crazy. How can he even consider being prejudice, racist when thats all he dates r women that r not black? Seems hes dumb, & ambivalent.

    • smh

      Sounds like ur the stupid one if u think he wrote this….

  • Big John

    The writers on SNL are white. They wrote it, he said it, both sides should be blamed! But all in all, it was just a bad joke.

  • Jayrok

    Wow. Lighten up people. I am white and I don’t get it. I see nothing wrong with this “comedy” stop taking life so seriously. I have no problem with this although I do agree that if a white person said “I get to kill all the black people” somehow this would be an issue. In a nut shell no problems here, I watched and laughed!

  • D

    We, the people, are all racist. White, Black, Indian, Chinese, Japanese all creeds. If you don’t believe it, you need a reality check.

  • thomas

    Its snl for crying out loud! Its not supposed to make you feel clean! Its late night comedy nothing else! Nothing is not supposed to be taken seriously I mean come on people have a sense f of humor! Nothing on the show is serious! People stop being uptight otherwise don’t watch the show or ill have to keep hearing you cry

  • Corey Sr.

    Anyone who makes fun or talks about racism identifies that it STILL EXISTS!!!! If this was Lisa Lampanelli or Charlie Sheen, would people have a problem?? Probobly and that is a shame. however in the next few years, if not already, financial status will be the new divide. Many still show the world racism exists to take away from attention from war against rich and poor!! $7-8 for a gallon of milk?? Now let that marinate!!!!! #informed

  • kd4841

    It’s nothing wrong with what Jammie Foxx said…stop with the stupid stuff white people. And Black Men and Women, stop thinking that we’re a minority, this is what was put in place during slavery times….HOW TO PSYCHOLOGY ENSLAVE MAN AFTER PHYSICAL SLAVERY WAS OVER!!!!!!!! We have the most dominate genes on this planet, period. A lot of times its not whites that’s holding us down, its us…we have to stop this!! Though they have tried!! Hold your heads up Black Men and Women, its a new day…have you seen what happens when we have kids outside our race? Some how they become BLACK. We only have this life one time, enjoy it!!

  • cracker-smacker

    Get the fuhk over it. Its a joke you ppl are so sensitive

  • Halden

    Lol. I found this PoS website from a few Google searches, and it’s amazing to see how insanely racist the users here are. I’ve been to a few Asian centric forums and they had maybe 1-2 racist comments, this is just complete insanity. Your users brush “kill all white people” off as “STOP BEING SO SENSITIVE ITS JUST A JOKE” but God forbid anyone claim blacks are anything but divine beings.

    Sometimes you people make me wish my ancestors had just wiped you off the face of the planet. Europe and Asia are the continents that literally built history, stop thinking you’re so high and mighty because you can leech off of it.

  • Robert Walker

    Racist or not, most of that episode was wack. But that “Maine Justice” skit made watching that episode worth it.

  • Jspizzer

    Nigs will be nigs they’ll never change hence why they were in chains before cause they act like animals

  • Kuendawg67

    First of all he’s a comedienne so don’t take it so serious if we as people get upset check oneself because no one probably will care I’ve heard worse

  • Jason Brown

    Haven’t seen the whole episode but I saw nothing wrong with that (As far as comedy skits go I’ve seen way worse). As for the comment about “killing all the white people in the movie”, you have to take that in context. Don’t know if some people realize but in those times most the “white people” in the movie he speaks of killing were evil, racist who would have liked nothing better than to see blacks in chains. But that’s my opinion as a black man, I could be wrong. Pls if you have any feedback for me feel free to comment. I welcome the view from another perspective.

  • Kaori

    I was very turned off by his skits. Could he not play into the stereotypes of Black people to a White audience?

  • rose

    First off, blacks sold their own people into slavery but history books in school, Roots and the liberal media wont admit those facts. White people arent racist however this skit proved all along who the real racists are. Smh

  • rob tomas

    Mr Foxx will not receive any money from my family for his future endeavors. What a racist, if a white man had made a comment, “I get to kill all the black people…”; the television antennas would have erupted into flames! I’m tired of the growing double standard.

  • FMF

    Are people still shocked that the SNL writing team writes racist, blaxplotative skits?
    They’ve been doing it for 30 odd years now, and doing it to promote a blaxplotation movie like Django Unchained is par for the course.

    You’ve also gotta love the morons calling Jaime Foxx a racist because he read the line NBC put in his mouth about killing white people. Crying “reverse racism” is the new racism.

  • Kyle

    This is stupid I thought the whole show was funny. Whether you’re racist or not we all have are own definition of what that is anyway. Its a show of skits. Yes there may be things that are funny or not and offensive things and not. Honestly let it go.

  • E

    Most of you are morons. It’s called comedy.

  • gay agenda

    I hate all of you equally black white and I’m gay

  • Tango Unchained Melody

    Overly sensitive white people. They want to call you all kinds of names and wonder why they can’t say the N word, but mad when they are the butt of jokes. Chip on your shoulder much?

    • Charlie

      Could you imagine if the roles were reversed? If it was a white comedian who said all those things about black people? There would be no question about it, he would be forever labeled as a hate mongering racist. It would be all over the news and we would not hear the end of it. But no……since it was a black comedian saying these horrible things about white people………its fine, its ok.

  • Janet1961

    The skit that Jamie Foxx performed on SNL was offensive on so many levels. Yes, the writers should be held accountable as well. This country has come along way since the 60’s. We, as a nation need to respect one another and get over skin color.
    One more issue – for the person stating that black children do not know how to add. One word for you, volunteer! Stop the pattern by caring not complaining. How American is that!

  • Rhonda Jeansonne

    Re: Jamie Foxx comment “Blacks are the best performers” it would be interesting to see the reaction of the blacks in the audience if a white man was at the microphone and said “Whites are the best performers” The blacks would have become a tribe and rioted. We ARE seeing reverse discrimination. Obviously, we reap what we sow lesson was not learned by blacks like Jamie Foxx. It was wrong how blacks were treated but that is in the past. It’s done. Whites have acknowleded and moved ahead to try and make it right. Jamie Foxx, you need to sit down and shut up, now how black is that?

    • Charlie

      You are right. If the roles were reversed there would be a riot on our hands.

  • ebonytheboss

    Well jamie foxx is not talented at all and hes a dumbass for saying that plys hes, ugly. Glad im into white men weill only the goodlookin ones. Jamie can got to hell !! Bye trolls!!!

  • Renee Rushing

    I guess none of these people complaining never saw the skit with Chevy Chase and Richard Pryor using racial epithets relating to blacks and whites. Or the skit Eddie Murphy did as a Reggae singer. He sang ‘Kill All the White People. We’re gonna make ’em’ hurt. We all must realize that there are idiots from every race and ethnic background. All we can do is treat others the way we want to be treated. Raise our kids to have greater character than the status quo.