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Nicki Minaj My Truth

11 Things We Learned From Nicki Minaj’s My Truth [PHOTOS]


She Talks To Herself

In the opening scene of My Truth Minaj introduces herself…to herself. Not totally surprising, but strange nonetheless.

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  • Justin

    “Two sense”???! Who on earth wrote this PUBLISHED article?

  • Life Apprentice

    You forgot one major thing : Her “support crew” was anything but supportive. There were so many instances where they let her down by not doing what they were supposed to do, it was irritating to watch : From the stylist who brings her mostly black outfits, to the dude who can’t call the hotel service to get a steamer, to the other dude playing instead of making sure she eats something between takes, to the production guy not caring that they need the set ready so that they can practice BEFORE the show, to the choreographer who’s completely delusional saying that it was the best show ever when there were some serious flaw… like a stage not lighting up,,, Poor Nicky…

    • Open

      Poor Nicky?! Poor you!!! Stupid people…MK Ultra at its finest. #unplug

      • Life Apprentice

        Seriously why do you care what I think to the point of trying to insult me. What’s in it for you?

    • Emma

      Exactly. Ppl say she is over the top, but if I was coming out of my pocket, I wanna see some work done. If I’m writing checks, whatever I say will be done. Point blank. I think A lot of ppl try to take advantage of her and that’s why she is so aggressive. But from the looks of things she has to be.

    • Jade Noelle

      I distinctly recall an interview where Minaj said she was going through a “Black phase” in terms of style (I think it was GMA). Sometimes Minaj is an inconsistent person and that makes it difficult to please her.

  • simplelifecarzyshit

    the queen