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2013 XXL Freshman Class Candidates List Revealed


The annual debate about who should, or should not, make this year’s XXL magazine Freshman list can now officially begin. The Hip-Hop publication will be picking the 10th slot via fan vote, and there are a number of notable acts that will be looking to gain the last spot on the roster.

There are 50 artists on the candidate list and the instructions says, “The rapper with the most votes who is not already on the list will win the 10th spot as the People’s Champ.” So who is already locked in?

Some of the MCs and rappers looking for votes include King L, Chief Keef, Ca$h Out, Hit-Boy, Trinidad James and Mr. MFN eXquire. Action Bronson, Dee-1 and Casey Veggies are couple of names back on the last after being up for consideration last year, too. To vote you can either tweet your pick with the hashtag from the contest page or use the a poll that is also available. You can also manually make your pick on Twitter using the provided template.

Last year’s XXL Freshman class consisted of Machine Gun Kelly, Danny Brown, Kid Ink, Future, Roscoe Dash, Hopsin, Macklemore, Don Trip, Iggy Azalea and French Montana. What got as much publicity as the members was French Montana’s decision to rock a fur vest complete with a bear head hoodie.

The 2012 crew had varying degrees of success. Machine Gun Kelly dropped his debut, Lace Up, and Kid Ink recently caught a record deal with RCA Records. French Montana was featured on a bunch of hits, including his own, “Pop That,” but his debut album, Excuse My French, was pushed back multiple times.

Oh and if you’re wondering, Where is A$AP Rocky?, you forgot that he allegedly turned down a spot last year and went on to say some of those on the list were “corny as f-ck.” His A$AP Mob buddy A$AP Ferg is in the running this year, though.

Check out the full list below. Who do you think should be a lock for a spot on the 2013 XXL Freshman class?

A$AP Ferg
Action Bronson
Alexander Spit
Angel Haze
Brianna Perry
Ca$h Out
Casey Veggies
Chance the Rapper
Chinx Drugz
Chief Keef
Chris Webby
Dizzy Wright
Domo Genesis
Fat Trel
Hoodie Allen
J. Pinder
Joey Bada$$
King L
Kirko Bangz
Lil Durk
Lil Reese
Lola Monroe
Mr. MFN eXquire
Phil Ade
Riff Raff
Rockie Fresh
Schoolboy Q
Tito Lopez
Travis Scott
Trinidad James
Troy Ave
Vinny Cha$e
Young Scooter

Photo: XXL

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  • djwyteboiwasted

    Rich Hil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOSTRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Josh

    Im thinking your missing a dude who is a better lyicist then anyone on that list @jonconnormusic

  • Ishiphopdead

    Action Bronson,asapferg,stalky.joey badass,schoolboyQ

  • kid just play

    travis scott!

  • Savage

    SD from GBE need to be on here

    • SkullyGang

      tha GBE should make it

  • Emilio

    my ten: Action Bronson, Joey Bada$$, Ab soul, Schoolboy Q, Stalley, D-Pryde, Dizzy Wright, Logic, Domo.

    I hope Iamsu makes it and I hope Rockie Fresh does but the guys i listed above probably have the best fan bases for the voting and will most likely make it. Maybe chief keef cause of the success he’s had as of late.

  • Anthony Belluardo


  • DrivesDale

    If riff raff doesn’t make this list… I lose hope. He was far more successful in 2012 than anyone else on this list besides Ferg.

  • Yodo

    Chris Webby. Dizzy Wright, Logic undeniable mixtape was Fire!

  • SwaveyInHere

    How is Tory Lanez not on this b? This dude goes harrrrdddd maaaan

  • Rudy Kazzanova

    no Neako?

  • Brian

    Dizzy Wright
    Joey Bada$$
    Earl Sweatshirt
    Action Bronson
    Angel Haze
    nitty scott MC
    Schoolboy Q
    CJ fly

  • XXL Magazine

    Fatus fee #SoDMG made the XXL Freshman class 2013 but didn’t make final list

  • SkullyGang

    Joey Bada$$
    Chief keef
    lil Reese
    Earl sweatshirt
    A$AP Ferg

  • alex



    Domo , Ferg , Purpp , veggies , jame$ , stalley , joey bada$$ & SOSA.

  • Nick Porcaro

    Trinidad Jame$ or bust

  • Jordan Eliason

    Ab-soul or Q. That’s it

  • CPBLACK11432

    DEFINITELY …RIFF RAFF…that boy Nice!
    Kirko Bangz

  • hosue batter

    where is jag negga destroye meek with his diss and always go hard on any track


    Action Bronson,
    Domo Genesis,
    Joey Bada$$,
    Schoolboy Q,
    Riff Raff,

  • Bangbang22

    Y’all are forgetting Chris webby… This dude is still unsigned and drops some of the dopest rhymes ever… Just gotta get the man signed

  • Wayne Harris

    Scooter all day

  • Johnny

    XV always missing on the list smfh

  • Jonathan Suarez

    Were is jon connor on this list

  • Very Reasonable Citizen

    Ya’ll forgot 50 Tyson doe!

  • Ebonics

    Ebonics of Pawtucket RI!

  • Ebonics

    Ebonics of Pawtucket RI! “Here Goes Nothing Album” on iTunes…”Taking Out The Trash” mixtape 13,000+ downloads!

  • Ebonics

    Ya’ll gotta put me Ebonics on this list or at lease my homie Shiesty L we have been over looked for to long!

  • Ebonics

    Ebonics of Pawtucket RI!

  • Ebonics

    Ebonics and or Shiesty L we worked hard these past years may not have as many videos but we have enough we deserve a shot I’m tired of getting over looked every year!

  • Mac Mar

    Schoolboy Q
    Joey BadA$$
    Cash Out
    Riff Raff
    Chief Keef

  • trippy mane

    a$ap ferg, ab-soul, joey bada$$, domo genesis, dizzy wright, spaceghosepurrp, schoolboy q, los, kirko bangz, d-pryde

  • Milo Kamalani

    No Gerald Walker or Translee??

  • Anthony Donovan Stokes

    This is overall not quite skill Ab Soul, Chief Keef, Action Bronson, ASAP FERG, Earl Sweatshirt, SchoolBoy Q, Logic , Trinidad James, Fat Trel, Gunplay, and Dizzy Wright

  • Gordon Lamour

    how do you not have childish gambino on there

  • Gordon Lamour

    Joey Bada$$, Rockie Fresh, Ab-Soul, Action Bronson, Dizzy Wright

  • Jsanders

    Gunplay ab soul angel haze Joey badass kirko bangz schoolboy q stalley Trinidad James Tito Lopez Travis Scott

  • OneEYeisTheKing

    action bronsilino

  • keep it real west coast

    Kendrick will kill all these fools

  • Gangstalicious

    Earl, D Pryde, XV, Joey, CJ Fly, Logic, Los, and JON CONNOR should make the roster.

  • ThaNewKid

    Joey Bada$$
    Action Bronson
    Chris Webby
    Schoolboy Q
    Kirko Bangz
    A$AP Ferg
    Casey Veggies

    Chinx Drugz
    Lil’ Reese

  • Sai Kotamraju

    Chief keef
    lil durk
    lil reese
    King L
    Young scooter
    Joey Badass
    Schoolboy Q

  • chilness

    Joey Bada$$
    Domo Genesis
    AB Soul
    Schoolboy Q
    Trinidad James
    Space Ghost Purp
    Action Bronson
    A$ap Ferg

  • Aaron Hutt

    i think its gon be (in no particular order)
    1. Kirko Bangz (should of been on it last year since that’s when Drank in My Cup had a year long buzz across the country)
    2. Joey BadA$$ (I heard he’s super lyrical, but I passed on his music since the last time I personally heard that was A$AP Rocky)
    3. Trinidad James (ain’t worth a damn but we all kno he’s in with his one-hit wonder a$$)
    4. Schoolboy Q (Kendrick Lamar got people listening to him)

    5. King Los (representin MD and he has heavily downloaded mixtapes on datpiff along with an excellent verse on Ocho Cinco)
    6. Chief Keef (too much of a news maker to be ignored)
    7. Hoodie Allen (same as Kirko, his biggest hit was last year and he had #1 album on iTunes)

    8. Stalley (Ma-ma-ma-m-m-MayBach Music is the most popular group of rappers as of now)
    9. Young Scooter (I know alot of people don’t like Future, but he’s popular and I like him. I don’t like his artists but he put Scooter on in many mixtapes and def in the Freeband Gang mixtape)
    10. Ab-Soul or Lil Reese (they will probably make it for the same reason: they’re affiliated with very popular new rappers)

  • Tyson Baker

    chance the rapper should definitely be on that XXL 2013 FRESHMAN list because he is 1 of the most creative rappers not just from Chicago but in the game

    yeah I said it

  • AndyColon

    Nitty Scott Mc.. Julius Myth.. Soul Khan.
    Tito Lopez.

  • Christian Benitez

    Wheres Lil B??

  • ChanceFan

    1.) Chance the Rapper
    2.) Chief Keef
    3.) D-Pryde
    4.) Dizzy Wright
    5.) Joey Bada$$

  • Crew

    Everyones sleepin on translee You guys will be lookin at this list in 2015 and translees gunna be in the top 10

  • ILoveSupportingHipHop

    D-Pryde, Chance The Rapper, Joey Bada$$, CJ Fly, Chris Webby