12 Things We Learned From The Kanye West & Kris Jenner Interview

kanyejoy Don't front - even you were curious to hear what the Louis Vuitton Don had ...

Don't front - even you were curious to hear what the Louis Vuitton Don had to say since becoming a father. The rather reclusive and usually anti press Kanye West has yet to say very much since the arrival of his daughter North West, until today.

Yeezy's stance about personal privacy might seem like a stark contrast considering the status of his girlfriend, but the paparazzi knows he is no friend to them. Nevertheless West sat down with Kris Jenner for an in depth interview for the season finale episode of Kris.

In the hour long sit down, Kanye West opened up on various topics including fatherhood, privacy, regrets, his superstar girlfriend and more interesting tidbits that were surprising, amusing or downright awkward.

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Photo: Fox

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  • JustTheTruth

    This interview is so bizarre!!

    • Mia

      I don't know why, but I kept seeing the Robin Givens Mike Tyson interview. I think Kanye is on some type of mind altering medication.
      Very weird and creepy.

  • racquelyarborough

    Ughhhhhh so did not like this!

    • TT

      I cringed

      • racquelyarborough

        Yeah I was a major fan of him however he is not what he first represented himself to be...he needs saving!

  • TT

    This is so awkward

  • MsTighteyesisback*****es

    this n!gguh COMPLETEY SELLED OUT NO MORE K00NYE SONGS FOR ME NOT EVEN HIS OLD *****...smh i have to go puke now

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