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Azealia Banks: 11 High & Low Moments In Her Career [Photos]


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Low: Beer Can Backlash

An audience member at her performance in Melbourne last year threw a can of beer at Bank, causing her to cut her whole set.  A rep said the can throwing incident made Banks and her band feel “unsafe.”

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  • AndreaConley

    I love her music and she’s so talented, I just wish she would stick to the music.

  • Tamara Jones

    See…this is exactly what she wanted. ATTENTION!!

  • Brittany

    what she had a high moment?

  • PolkaDots

    What? Someone threw a can of beer at her? WTF is wrong with people? No class or restraint. If you don’t like someone IN CONCERT – WALK OUT.

  • MacingFacing

    It’s okay AZ. We know your frustration. Really people that know real music know how the indusTItry put you down. It’s okay. Real talent is on a rise and you will be back on top.