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Houston Dad Arrested For Helping Daughter Fight Classmate


Parents will go to extreme lengths to help their children, but this is too far. A Houston dad got arrested last Thursday (June 19) for helping his 14-year-old daughter beat up her classmate.

Darren Keith Patrick has his limits — he didn’t actually throw any blows he just held the 13-year-old victim up against a fence while his daughter kicked and hit her with a shoe.

Patrick is all about being a tag-team parent. Police from the Houston Independent School District say  he followed the girl home from school on a bike, while his daughter pursued on foot. Once he caught up with the teen, he got off the bike and pushed the girl up against a chain-link fence as his daughter commenced with the attack.

Surveillance video caught Patrick and his daughter following the girl, and a witness recounted seeing the 45-year-old father detaining the girl.

Court documents state that the victim tried to defend herself but couldn’t break free from Patrick.

He was charged with injury to a child and is reportedly still being held on bail. No word on what happened to his daughter.


Photo: Houston PD


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