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Serena Williams’ French “Coach” Is Very “Hands On” [PHOTOS]


We do not like Serena Williams’ French tennis coach/adviser maybe boyfriend off G.P. Why? Because he was spotted rubbing all up on the star tennis pro’s cakes and we have no qualms saying that we are insanely jealous.

Deadspin has info on dude, if you care.

Patrick Mouratoglou is Serena Williams’s (French) coach. He’s the shirtless man in this photo who isn’t prune-shriveled. There are so many questions we have about the circumstances of this image, but we anticipate our questions remaining unanswered. So we will call your attention instead to the two bodies towering over the two engines. It’s Greek sculpture, the apotheosis of the human form, juxtaposed with man’s smoggy ravages. Classical meets modern. Iconoclastic sh-t. Bernini’s got nothing on this boating paparazzo.

Whatever, man. Recently, Williams declared that she din’t think that Caroline Wozniacki’s suspect, bra and shorts stuffing impression of her was racist.

More importantly for now, there are more snapshots of Serena chillin’ on this aforementioned boat, in a bikini, with the croissant eater in the gallery. You know what to do.

Photos: icpress/Sina Press

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  • Jay

    Last I knew she was an adult.. Get a life

  • Jigga

    Sup with the white boys… Is a sad day

    • Darth Boda

      She has good taste

    • Dirty white boy

      racist a55h0L3

    • MarcP

      U mad bro?

  • Mr. Thomas

    Serena call me baby

  • This is what happens when black women deal with the wrong kind of brothers. They move on to other races. All black men are not bad, but the ones that are are publicized more than the good ones. Love knows no color, but there are good black men out there…..

    • Funk

      No there’s not.

    • mochamarriedirish

      No, this is what happens when you have culture. I was raised with multiple races n ethniicities. When i started dating; i dated the same way. Any man can be the “wrong kind,” if it’s an unhealthy match.

  • mochamarriedirish

    Dont use racism as a cover for jealousy. Just own your saltiness n stop downing her. Get on your own level…smh *pitiful*

  • Admittedly, I’m jealous, but isn’t this guy married ?

  • eric santana

    WHy are

  • eric santana

    Why are brothas mad she dating a French guy! Brothas date out of their own race the most! She looks happy and thats what matters.

  • Carlius

    First off, umm how did we get on what races have better men? Who said they were even dating? Jumping to conclusions are we?

  • Smoke

    Do yo thang!

  • Melanie

    Why should she NOT be with a white Guy? I am a black woman married to a white man AND have a white lover. My choice, my life! Go Serena and enjoy your white prince! White guys rock but then again we all have our preferences! That’s life!

    • Layla White

      So you’re cheating on your husband?

  • Nox22

    Variety is the spice of life…

  • Layla White

    You know, I’m black and to read the racist comments by some of us is simply appalling. Get your own life and stay out of other adults’ business.

  • DcityTheBoss

    The true issue here is that as a people in AmeriKKKa “African-Americans” have yet to amass any type of true wealth and sense of identity. Every other race on this planet can afford to explore options because they more than likely have a strong sense of identity and cultural history. Most people in AmeriKKKa can tell you what country their ancestors come from. Ask an “African-AmeriKKKan” and they will say Africa. Last time I checked Africa was a continent and not a country. So before anyone (man,woman,black,white or yellow) can explore other cultures they should know themselves first. No race of people on the planet are more disenfranchised and fragmented than the current former slaves of AmeriKKKa. So the key issue at hand is why blacks in AmeriKKKA hate each other so much and why do we even care about what the rest of the world thinks about our feelings when it pertains to our people. We must redefine and love ourselves as people before we can explore and love anyone else. “Know Thy Self”. And if race was not an issue, why are we even classified by race on every document of importance in AmeriKKKa ( job application, taxes, marriage licenses )? Serena is irrelevant really. She is just a microcosm of the condition of our people in AmeriKKKA. Lost.