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Lil Scrappy And Soulja Boy Threaten Each Other On Twitter [PHOTOS]


Nothing gets rappers more upset than the fact they might have shared a woman once upon a time. Like Nas and Jay-Z before them (to a much lesser extent) Lil Scrappy and Soulja Boy are now e-beefing. Soulja Boy and Lil Scrappy both dated Crime Mob rapper, Diamond, at one point with Soulja Boy being the most recent. The “Crank That” rapper recently took to his Twitter page to announce that he is no longer dating the rapper, which then eventually led to the two getting into it on social media.

Although to the naked eye, it seems that the beef is strictly over Diamond but Lil’ Scrappy has tried to make it clear that this is not about Diamond, despite Soulja Boy’s claims via Twitter that suggest otherwise.

“Let’s go to war, I f**ked your girlfriend and you are a b***h,” Soulja Boy tweeted towards Lil Scrappy. “And if you duck the b***h, she wasn’t mine to begin with you sucka suck a$$ n***a, u a lil boy, I’m (going to) have to take off my belt,” Scrappy replied.

Check out the screen grabs of the back and forth tweets between the two rappers down below.

Photos: Sandra Rose

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