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Rush Limbaugh Defends Shawty Lo’s All My Babies Mamas Reality Show


As the saga continues behind Shawty Lo’s currently nixed struggle show All My Babies’ Mamas, the Atlanta native is finding support in Rush Limbaugh.

The conservative pundit has come to Lo’s defense, while attacking the Oxygen Network for pulling the plug on the show, All Hip Hop reports.

“The morality police, the old fuddy-duddies got in gear,” Limbaugh said of the public outcry over Lo, his truckload of offspring, and their mothers, have received  “The show was simply gonna’ show what it is in terms of this lifestyle and just gonna’ tell everybody what it is.

“Is it any wonder that the star of a show that happens to be Black and has the show pulled out from under him? Well I know none of these kids are more important than the president’s kids, but they’re important to Shawty.”

Whatever that even means.

An online petition was started calling for Oxygen to end the show ahead of its actual premiere date. It has been seen as contributing to negative depictions of Black people on reality TV in that All My Babies’ Mamas may inadvertently glorify a stereotype within the community.

Oxygen opted not to continue with the show after they “reviewed casting” of the program, but vowed to continue “to develop compelling content that resonates” that “drives the cultural conversation” among their female viewers.

Lo has since started his own (ridiculous) petition begging that Oxygen re-think their decision on grounds that the show is essentially keeping his 11 children off welfare.

Apparently he’s never heard of getting a real job, rather than depending on reality TV cameras to put food in his children’s mouths.


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  • Dre

    This @$$hole would love nothing more than to keep negative depictions of Black people on the airwaves. Anyone that can’t see this is blind as a bat, and you don’t understand how people like him work.

    • nycplayboy78

      Of course he would defend that garbage…Anything that depicts Black People in a negative stereotypical manner is all good for Rush aka Druggie…..

  • disqus_crqieKAWik

    I personally would love to see that Shi, my cousin who is still in in 30,s has 50 kids compared to lo is nothin… its real in the hood no matter how anyone sees it… my cousin literally has 50 something kids which are all our family.. no matter how stupid I think it is …its his life and I love my baby cousins , please let the show run… I think its unique and think it would make a great show! Lol I’m still trying to understand it myself .. I have no kids at all , but I love the idea!

  • really

    If limodick defends you and your black you know your the worst representation of the African American Community!

  • Saharaj

    Of course everything has to somehow go back to the President. He is consumed with hatred that there is a BLACK man sitting in the WHITE house. His support of the despicable circumstances and choices of “Shawty Lo” shows how he wants to always see and view black people to the masses. He is a sick and sad man.