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Meek Mill Airs Out Haters, Clowns Cassidy & Talks Instagram [VIDEO]


For a range of reasons, MMG rapper Meek Mill has been the center of conversation in Hip-Hop circles as of late. An unexpected beef with Cassidy got the ball rolling and the Internets excited. Quarrels have since subsided between the two, but Meek’s run-ins with Philadelphia police and recently released artwork for Dreamchasers 3 have kept him in the media.

The “Amen” rappers shares his take on each of these topics during a whopping 33 minute sit down with Brandon Wyche of Philadelphia site The tone of the interview remains reposeful, until Meek mentions why haters were the inspiration for the recently released “From Da Bottom.”

“These n***as talking about Meek Milly changed, this, that and the third. They don’t know me,” said Meek. “If I wasn’t famous, I’d really be saying f-ck a lot of these motherf-ckers, but it’s a political game. You can’t really talk the way you really wanna talk. But if I was the me before this little rap sh-t, I’d say f-ck all you n***as. I’d be punching y’all n***as in the face, [or] probably some dumb sh-t.”

The “Young & Gettin’ It” rapper credits his newfound wealth as the reason he takes the highroad. He wasn’t so humble when Cassidy was mentioned, though.

“If we diss record or whatever, and after your diss record the next day you gotta try to drop a new song, and you try to benefit off me, that’s when it becomes not a game no more,” Meek reasons. “When it becomes that, it ain’t fun no more to me. It’s a n***a trying to steal from me, basically.”

Meek claims that he’s never had to resort to gimmicky records to shine, making mention to Cassidy’s “Hotel” and “My Drink & My 2 Step.” For future reference, he refuses to feed into Cass any longer, and he’s cutting any interview short that mentions it.

Words got more heated throughout the interview, but we won’t spoil it too much for you.

See the full interview below.

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  • Honestly

    Meek don’t want none.

  • dutch the dread

    He talkin stuff about both cassidy songs. But BOTH OF THEM ARE PLATINUM HITS… Meek has none so he need to shut up… the album both songs are on is a platinum record. Meek album flopped. Enough said

  • quincyjrue

    meek mekk meek…tsk tsk tsk