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Nicki Minaj Bares Her Butt Cheeks For Lonely Men Everywhere On Valentine’s Day [PHOTOS]


Nicki Minaj came to the rescue of many lonely people on Valentine’s Day today.  

Shortly after French Montana‘s new single “Freaks” hit iTunes, the judge of American Idol took to Twitter to show love to the lonely men on the lover’s day.

“Happy Vag Day boys. Jerk responsibly,” she tweeted before announcing that the song was available on iTunes.

Twitter exploded when she let the pictures loose, and she has been a trending topic on the social media network. Nicki recently tweeted a few days ago that when she did join the social network, Instagram, her first pictures would be a full on back shot. She wasn’t kidding. Although her Instagram page isn’t up and running yet, she did let the pictures go. No red-blooded American male is complaining at all.

Just because we love you so much, we included some extra booty shots of Nicki down after the jump. Don’t know what more else to say here, there are Nicki cakes waiting for you after this slide but you are still reading this. What are you waiting for? Go.

Photo: OK!  Twitter, SSX, King, Flynet

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  • Ladydi82

    I loved the pic nicki.

  • FrankLupo

    Love Nicki..

  • giggity

    Nice pooper

    • You can’t see it stooge!

  • disqus_QqUzQ3JszJ

    Black. And gross. Nuff said.

    • Ignorant plain and simple.

    • nockamichi

      Whyare you here???

    • SonOfDorner

      Die in hell you racist!

  • nunya

    She is far from beautiful she is hideous. Black white Spanish purple green don’t care she is ugly as sin

  • concened black woman

    very tacky, its ashame that another black person have no class. Nikki needs Jesus.

    • Marianna2nd2none

      Whatever happened to supporting one another one person of color at a time.
      guess that went out the window but a lot of self hate flew in. Pathetic.

      • This is not about support and about modesty, Concerned is allowed to her opinion (which I agree with). She didn’t call Nicki ugly or a “ho”, calm yourself.

    • nicadvice111

      I agree about that one concened…


    Stupid broad looks like a transexual. Disgusting. She’s the ghetto version of lady gaga.

    • Rex_Weed

      Wow so much hate. You untalented jerk!!!

    • iaintNoHater

      True that

    • You are out of your mind!

    • AzzieBear

      ^^That^s so effin funny.

    • O.J. SIMPSON

      you deserve hell boy!!!

  • chico

    Let me hit that anal no condom

    • Ruben Aguilar

      That’s awesome!!!

  • Jeff

    She looks as good as she is talented. And if she was to try out for American Idol she would not make it to Hollywood.

  • Ck

    Very ignorant needs to growup and they say this bi?ch a role midel please…they say that because you become famous and rich & in america we reward ignorance…hence why ppl behave that way…honey booboo come to mind

  • Wilmington, Delaware

    I’ll eat that

  • 2 real

    Wat does her skin color got to do with it.

  • angie

    I think if u have a problem wit her body u fuckin jealous get ova it u grow up

  • iaintNoHater

    She Gave Lil Wayne so many blowjobs So he put her on the Spot. She Cant rap #RT

  • jimmymac

    Someone had work done…. not real…. all fake…

  • Tyrone

    Mimaj is a trunk full of junk that Fred & Lamont wouldn’t pay a nickel for. She is, and will always be a Hollywood stank-ho.

  • mbn1819.lg@gmail.com

    I’ll still hit that!!!!

  • JuJustSayin50

    Vomitously repulsive.

  • bustarymes22

    I’ve seen better

  • yall trippin

    in this pic she bad as hell im sorry if you a dude and you dont like this flick (maybe not her) then your gender is in question… furthermore, i dont understand how this is skankish, freeky yes but thats it prudes

  • im.ca.allday

    All of you haters out there the more you hate her the more she makes.shes a beautiful business woman dont hate what you aint got

  • football- life #34

    Hey why you all ganging up damn just stfu damn God

  • Momofthree

    Classy. Really. Classy.

  • Texan1st


  • Yevettee

    Tacky and lack class

    • TRUE

      classy and phat @$$

  • 1stClassNightmare

    I find it funny that ppl talk crap about Nicki Minaj for these pics but no one says anything about the video “models” that do the same thing for King, XXL or any other magazine.

    If u hate or dislike, make it a blanket dislike so u can sleep well at night. If its at one person, it seems petty. Then again, Minaj does do things to get ppl talking. If ur talking about it, you have just fed her insatiable hype.

  • KingDavid

    Nicki Darling Nicki Let’s go to the Island together yes,? Marry Me. destiny awaits our seductive journey, I’m Your Daddy!!!

  • coco’s asscheeks

    Has her butt hole been re bleached?

  • Jaime Lopez

    Indeed this woman have a man????

  • Ice Pick

    Seen better cheeks on a hippo.

  • Heatfan316

    Her butt is fake, but I’ll still hit it from the back:)

  • Where they at??

  • Where they at??

  • Turd cutter. Seen one, you’ve seen them all…

  • zookr

    Why is she farting in the pool?

  • Roscoe1

    Boy, that’s some BIG booty. I like’em tighter than that… Oofah !!

  • RonnieOG


  • tintin

    That is not nikki butt.

  • Wilton

    Handle your business,.Nicki!

  • ChilltownTV

    ehh mehh

  • I’d make love to her all night. But i’m disease free and i’d like to keep it that way! 😉

  • Andiamo P

    She’s the Heidi Montag of Pop Rap….except she’s accepted for her fake body and face whereas Heidi was clowned and shunned.

  • funny thing about heaven & hell; she still has a chance 2 go to heaven no matter what anybody says about her. and, of course, i would marry her in a heartbeat!!!

    • danny4572

      wtf are you talking about heaven and hell for? lmao wow -___-

  • Bighunt45


  • 4luvofmoney

    Those child bearing hips are banging.

  • mysterion

    weres the pic

  • bobby62

    I wanna wear it like a hat!

  • jprettypisces

    Cute 🙂 follow me @jprettypisces

  • Guest

    I’d love to tongue punch her fart box! Fart in my mouth Nicki! Take a dump in it!