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Stuck On Lean: Soulja Boy Flaunts His Codeine Addiction Via Instagram [PHOTOS]


With Lil Wayne’s recent seizure scares putting the spotlight back on codeine use, Soulja Boy has pretty much endorsed the drug. Using Instagram to share a photo gallery of his daily life, the Atlanta rapper made sure to put his cough syrup addiction front and center.

“Make that work work make that sh-t flip,” he posted alongside a photo of a plastic bag containing three small bottles, next to one large bottle, of codeine. The image got more than 1,000 responses, may of which criticized the 22-year-old for promoting use of the very substance that led to the death of UGK’s, Pimp C.

“You are a dumb a– and you are going to end up dead behind this sh-t,” wrote one person.  “We don’t give a sh-t [about] you. We trying to save Wayne!”

He allegedly got so much backlash that some of the comments were removed.

In looking further into his Instagram account, Hip-Hop Wired found that codeine is often the object of the Atlanta native’s affection.

This stuff is no joke, but maybe he doesn’t get it.

Click below to see photos.

Photos: Instagram

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  • BadandDarkSkinned

    Sad so sad, will yaw ever learn!

  • smdh every damn day

    What a freakin’ fool.

  • tiaunna216

    soulja is nothin but a follower , do whatever the next rapper does….

  • SUN

    I cant stand Soulja he is what his name says….A BOY so damn juvenile.smh

  • Dash_426

    I don’t care, let him drink all four of those at once…Hell, I’ll even send him a few more bottles, as long as he rids us of his music…it might be the only way to shut him up…


  • Keisha Samoht

    This is how you get attention when you know that you are officially irreverent.

  • jonb094

    When u gonna grow up man…that stuff will break ur insides down

  • Rasta

    Thats Black Men For You… Smh

  • Dummy you not suppose to drink medicine like that ignorant is an understatement everytime i see dudes doing that sh its sad because its just ignorant

  • PrettyNotPetty

    what a lame lmao … He’s trying to be cool? this just makes him look stupid.

  • Ms. Chocolate

    Wow, thats a cry for help… Hopefully he gets help before its too late…

  • Rashida

    He is young and he think he invincible. He will learn. Leave him be.

  • island gyal

    This dude is a fawking idiot, some ppl are gonna copy this stupid nonsense too i bet

  • Belle-Sexie Canuck

    He should consider changing his name legally to “Moron”.

  • Precious

    Damn, attention whoring much?

  • Observer

    I never knew that codeine contributed to Pimp C’s death.

  • dgayle35

    Not cool, not cute, not attractive, not anything! Thank Goodness I have no children that may be subjected to this madness out here! Where’s the parents to give good talking points. Dang!

  • Gossipwelovecom

    …smh…. he follows me on Twitter too.

  • Kiki

    He need a daddy.

  • ducybaby

    This fool got the time to bedazzle a freakin styrofoam cup…lmao where they do that at?….in the studio….thought not…