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With Lil Wayne’s recent seizure scares putting the spotlight back on codeine use, Soulja Boy has pretty much endorsed the drug. Using Instagram to share a photo gallery of his daily life, the Atlanta rapper made sure to put his cough syrup addiction front and center.

“Make that work work make that sh-t flip,” he posted alongside a photo of a plastic bag containing three small bottles, next to one large bottle, of codeine. The image got more than 1,000 responses, may of which criticized the 22-year-old for promoting use of the very substance that led to the death of UGK’s, Pimp C.

“You are a dumb a– and you are going to end up dead behind this sh-t,” wrote one person.  “We don’t give a sh-t [about] you. We trying to save Wayne!”

He allegedly got so much backlash that some of the comments were removed.

In looking further into his Instagram account, Hip-Hop Wired found that codeine is often the object of the Atlanta native’s affection.

This stuff is no joke, but maybe he doesn’t get it.

Click below to see photos.

Photos: Instagram

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