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All Falls Down: 15 Ways Kanye West Ruined His Own Reputation


There is no denying that Kanye West is one of the most popular entertainers on the planet. However, his rise to the top has been filled with some zany moments and media displays that border on embarrassing.

In all fairness, Yeezy has been through a lot of ups and downs but it seems like he’s never at peace with the success he’s gained. Couple that with his bombastic persona and suddenly he’s a lot less likeable than in years past.

But nothing could make sense of a recent story where the Chicago native reportedly turned down an offer to appear as a judge on the upcoming American Idol season because it would hurt his reputation and “street cred.” Right, we still haven’t gotten over that one.

HipHopWired takes a look at 15 moments where Kanye West ruined his massive reputation long before TV jobs came calling.

Photos: Wire Image, FilmMagic, MTV, NBC, YouTube, New York Times

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  • Rashida

    He a jackass period. I’d say it to his face. Won’t support anything he does ever.

  • Me

    In 2007 or 08 my ex’s friend was a huge kanye fan and he saw him asked for an autograph and kanye said asked the guy if he had million dollars and he said no then kanye just walked away…my ex’s friend threw everything he had away and neve supported his music again

  • K00N KILLA

    Um, isn’t Koonye’s biggest mistake getting involved with and knocking up black America’s favorite white spurmbucket, Kunt Kartrashian? Why are black media websites so protective of her?

    • Diana Berry

      I thought that would have been the #1 reason!!

  • Uhuh

    And he will still have more than anyone who comes here to bash him at the end of the day. Let that marinate while you’re planning your hate filled response. Yeezus walks baby!!

  • farrari217

    Lets Give a toast to the Deuch bag…. Lets give a toast to the A$$ hole…. Lets give a toast to the scum bag everyone of em that I know Kanye West is a Jerk Off… His record sells are showing how much people are really starting to hate him. His album just went gold… I have to say I did go out and bought me a copy support. But just because he makes great music doesn’t mean he is all there in the brain. SOmething is Most Definatly wrong with Kanye. I don’t think he sees how confrontational he is. It’s almost like he hates being famous. N he was soo pressed to be famous. Waco Kanyaco. Still got love for him but ii fear if i was to see him (in real life) he’d probably spit in my face just for saying hi, Damn Homie hope he gets some help and soon. Singed one of his oldest fans since day 1.