george w bush

Two former commander-in-chiefs (and political rivals) are banding together for the greater good of tomorrow’s leaders.

There is no denying that Kanye West is one of the most popular entertainers on the planet. However, his rise to the top has been filled with some zany moments and media displays that border on embarrassing.

The five living presidents came together for the George W. Bush Presidential Library dedication ceremony in Dallas, Thursday (April 25). Putting their political differences aside, the presidents praised President Bush for his eight years in office.

David Siegel, a Florida real estate mogul, has made explosive claims about the 2000 election that helped put President George W. Bush in office. The election was a clear act of cheating, after several votes in the state—which was governed by Bush’s brother at the time—just happened to go uncounted. Siegel is the billionaire behind […]

President Obama is constantly in the crosshairs of the Republican party, yet despite what they’d have you believe, he still has a massive amount of supporters. Throughout his political career, Obama has raised more than$1 Billion, in campaign funds–making him the first U.S. politician to do so. 

The United States Justice Department has had a very busy year in 2009. According to federal records, this year saw more cases involving hate crime in since , indicating that there was a drop in hate crimes during the Bush years. “I was rather shocked to see the downtick in prosecutions of hate crimes,” remarked […]

Independents everywhere, including myself, have had the privilege of watching several big wigs in the two major political parties suffer humiliating professional and personal defeats due largely to their sheer ineptitude, greed, and smugness. One such figure, Michael Steele, is feeling the heat after members from within the Grand Ol’ Party (GOP) have called for […]

There is no doubt that Hurricane Katrina was a storm of colossal proportions, a rarity even in the current climate of super-charged storm fronts, but it is the ruling of a judge that has given a target for all of those affected by the damage left in its wake. In a monumental ruling, U.S. District […]

The controversial president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, was confronted by a Fox News reporter after his speech to the United Nations last week. Speaking through a translator Chavez called the people from Fox News stupid, but not the reporter talking to him specifically. Although he did say the reporter’s mind had “many confusions.” At a […]

Eight years after the most tragic crime to occur on the continental coast of the U.S. since the displacement and slaughter of the indigenous people who were previously living here a few hundred years ago, and no one has ever been arrested for those murders.  Close to 4,000 everyday working-class citizens lost their lives in […]