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Eight years after the most tragic crime to occur on the continental coast of the U.S. since the displacement and slaughter of the indigenous people who were previously living here a few hundred years ago, and no one has ever been arrested for those murders.  Close to 4,000 everyday working-class citizens lost their lives in lower Manhattan on September 11th 2001 when two of the world’s most brash symbols of white supremacy came crashing down in an incinerated heap of molten debris that day.

With all the recent attention being paid to the U.S.’ first Americanized African Head-Of-State and his campaign pledge of bringing about a ‘change’, many people seemingly forgot about the previous administration’s promise to bring justice to culprits they alleged to be responsible for the brazen attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon in Washington D.C. on that tragic morning.

As the United Snakes of Amerikkka’s daily activities grounded to a screeching halt that morning and remained so for the next few days, news channels blamed what some reports later revealed to be a former colleague of the Bush clan – Osama Bin Laden as being the master-mind.

The U.S.A.’s sense of entitlement and cloak of invincibility had now been stripped away.  The swagger that many people often displayed as they strutted around with their chests puffed out was no longer.  They could now instead be seen scurrying for cover as bodies lay splattered upon the asphalt and concrete jungle in the shadows of the very same buildings which once told the world that – “We [the U.S.] are boss!”  Never before did it seem so vulnerable.

Initially some people applied a very critical eye and analyzed it as merely being a case of ‘the chickens coming home to roost!’ That the U.S. itself was founded on bloodshed and chaos and has consistently spread terror throughout its global colonizing conquests of other continents and it was only a matter of time before it also happened on its own home turf.  But what was later revealed by eyewitnesses was that the Twin Towers themselves had been internally rigged with explosives and the Pentagon was hit by a fired projectile, not a plane as initially reported.

“When you see in the manner that the two buildings collapsed it will tell you that the planes and its fuel wasn’t the cause.  They imploded, not exploded!,” revealed conspiracy theorist Sahgani Voodoun.

“Plus, when you look at the damage done to the Pentagon you’ll see that if a plane was able to fly that low it would’ve taken out all the nearby trees and light poles.  They remained because it was actually a missile instead!”

Then president, George W. Bush and his colleagues claimed it was a vicious act of terrorism by some anti-American Arabs from the so-called Middle East named Al-Qaeda.  He then shifted the nation’s attention elsewhere, saying that he was going to bring democracy to another country that supposedly was run by a tyrant dictator.  With Americans then focusing on a ‘war against terrorism’, Bush professed to the world that Iraqi leader, Saddam Hussein, was harboring large amounts of nuclear artillery – ie. weapons of mass destruction – and of illegally murdering hundreds of people, warranting charges of war crimes against humanity.  Although U.N. inspectors previously hadn’t found any of the alleged nuclear artillery and withdrew from Iraq in 1998, Bush Jr. decided to go ahead and invade Iraq a few years later anyway.

The United Nations presented Resolution 1441 on November 8th 2002; which offered Iraq, under Hussein’s reign, a final opportunity to comply with its disarmament obligations and the U.S. still could not establish legal grounds to invade Iraq.  By March 2003, U.N. inspectors had not found any such weapons of mass destruction, yet the U.S. forces continued pursuing Saddam Hussein until he was finally found hiding in a farmhouse on December 14th of the same year.  After a trial at the hands of the Iraqi/U.S. puppet government, Hussein was eventually executed on December 30th 2006.

Since the U.S.’ most recent occupation of Iraq, following the attacks on 9/11, approximately 5,000 of its troops and according to some reports over 250,000 Iraqis – both civilian and military personnel – have been killed.  Also to mention the billions of dollars that have been spent, and the U.S. forces have not yet found any weapons of mass destruction nor Bin Laden for that matter.

Sahgani theorized,

“Bush and them created the 9/11 facade with two purposes in mind:  One was to go into Iraq to murder Saddam for having the gall to try and kill his old boss -Bush Sr., and at the same time get the oil.  And two, was to plant fear in people while creating a fascist, police-state atmosphere with Homeland Security, here in the U.S.  Also, America is currently operating under the Patriot Act right now, meaning the U.S. Constitution is not operable, which means we have no Constitutional rights!”

He continued,

“Bush’s family are German descendants who anglicized their name’s from B-u-s-c-h to B-u-s-h.  The grandfather, Prescott Busch, helped to finance Adolph Hitler during World War II.  Bush and them are an oil family from Texas, so it makes sense from their point of view.  They used the media as a weapon of mass distraction to propagandize the public with all that talk about Bin Laden, Al-Qaeda and the Taliban, then the weapons of mass destruction.  It’s all Bush’s bullShyte!”

After eight years of the Bush regime, the Iraqi war has been draining much of the U.S. economy, as the rich get richer and the poor get poorer:  Many of the companies who received the multi-billion dollar contracts for the reconstruction efforts in Iraq & Kuwait are in one way or another connected to Bush’s inner circle.  While thousands of Americans have lost their jobs and/or homes to foreclosures, many long standing banks have tanked, employment opportunities are virtually none, over two hundred thousand people have lost their lives overseas due to what many observers label as a greedy, capitalistic and unjust war that has also torn apart the families of thousands of soldiers while they were away ‘protecting their country’.

“Who is going to bring up Bush on similar war crimes against humanity charges like the ones Saddam was hit with?  Hussein supposedly is responsible for the deaths of a couple hundred people yet Bush is responsible for the deaths of over two hundred thousand.  So who really deserves to hang?  You sell your soul to the devil, then you reap what you sow,” reflected Sahgani.

A fact that is often overlooked by the mainstream media is that since the U.S. began deploying over 100,000 of its troops to Iraq and Kuwait almost 7 years ago there has been a substantial increase in poppy cultivation in that region, including Afghanistan.  Even presidential hopeful John Kerry noted, during his 2004 campaign run, the increase in opium exportation from that region.  Rumors have been running rampant recently that some of the U.S. troops are also shipping the opium back to the U.S. in the bodies of the deceased just as had been done during the Vietnam war. Given the American government’s infatuation with narcotics and the immense amounts of money created by its distribution, it doesn’t sound so far-fetched after all.

So, whatever happened to the weapons of mass destruction Bush?  Like the great comedian Richard Pryor once asked:  “Are you going to believe me or your lying-a$$ eyes?”