Nicki Minaj has fallen victim to swatting once again. Cops rushed to her home after a call was made to 911 saying someone was shot at her residence.


A 911 call from reality tv star Big Lex has surfaced after she and Joseline Hernandez were involved in a fight over the weekend.


With newfound stardom comes newfound scrutiny. LSU has apologized for Flau'jae Johnson's 9/11 lyrics in her new song. 


The act acronym, introduced by San Francisco Board of Supervisors member Shannon Walton, stands for Caution Against Racially Exploitative Non-Emergencies.


President Donald Trump has made many gaffes in his political career, but his latest missive is certainly one of his most dangerous. In appearing to call for violence against Rep.Ilhan Omar in a video spliced with 9/11 footage, many are rallying around the Minnesota congresswoman in the wake of the Islamophobic messages.

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Thirteen years ago today, America was rocked by the devastating terrorist act that knocked down the world’s tallest buildings and simultaneously ended the lives of countless of innocents.

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Although today (September 11) has been filled with mournful reflection, phone company AT&T and the Los Angeles Lakers unleashed a pair of ill-timed tweets related to the horrendous 9/11 attacks and angered many in the process.


The New York Police Department admitted last year that spying on Muslims was a massive waste of resources, money and time. A recent report reveals that the NYPD placed mosques under heavy surveillance by labeling the Islamic houses of worship as terrorists organizations.

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The actions of Antoinette Tuff helped prevent a potential national tragedy on the scale of the Sandy Hook event, this after the elementary school bookkeeper talked a gunman down from firing his weapon. Tuff’s composure during a recorded 911 call of the event was an amazing display of compassion and quick thinking.

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It’s tough being a Black man in Hollywood, even if your name is Sean “Diddy” Combs. Actually, in this case it’s a Black man’s pricey car and its occupants that go through the struggle. 

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Ashley Ball might want to think of leaving Detroit, or at least moving to a new house. The 28-year-old was robbed twice, two days in a row.

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A bizarre case in Texas is unfolding involving Dallas Cowboys offensive lineman Tyron Smith, who is contending with the trappings of newfound wealth and the struggling pockets of family looking to fill their coffers. Standing 6-foot-5 and a massive 308 pounds, Smith’s imposing frame wasn’t enough to keep him from filing a protective order against his mother, […]