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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta‘s Benzino Naked Selfie Posted Online [PHOTOS]


We’re posting this for archival purposes only and because it’s sort of a slow news day. Benzino, the Boston rapper turned founder of The Source magazine and now active participant on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta has been exposed. We’re not talking about his alleged shenanigans at The Source, we mean a selfie showing off his naked body and manhood has made it onto the Internets. 

We couldn’t make this up if we tried folks. We’ll let Baller Alert explain the struggle:

Former rapper and co-co-co-star of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Benzino, is known for taking LOTS of selfies ever since he found himself joining a gym, eating clean and working on his fitness. Due to recent events, I definitely wasn’t surprised when I received this Baller Mail from an unidentified reader. The Baller Mail came with no description, just simply a photo of Benzino doing what Benzino does — flexing his muscles in his bathroom mirror. In the buff. With one particular muscle decided not to flex that day. So if you’ve ever been curious about Zino, wonder no more.


Peep Zino’s selfie on the next page. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Yo Benzino, change your password, sir.

Photo: Instagram, Baller Alert

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  • Shaneswife

    That is definitely not a good look. YIKES!!

  • James d

    Dont see whats wrong with the pic. I bet it looks good when it get hard

  • rc341

    GROSS (throws up in mouth)!!!!!

  • Guest

    looks like old man penis hahahaha

  • Fanchon Altman

    Its not even the pic of him thats funny….its the fact that he suppose to be a baller with a tube tv in the background on a cabinet….wth?!!

  • I still don’t think its him, but Oh well….