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Florida Couple Pistol Whips Dunkin Donuts Worker Over Wrong Order


On Tuesday (August 20), a married couple beatdown, and pistol whipped, a Dunkin Donuts worker who messed up their iced coffee order. Yes, this did happen in Florida.

The Smoking Gun reports:

The 1 PM melee at the Lauderhill eatery resulted in the arrest of Jeffrey Wright, 27, for aggravated battery, a felony. Alexis Longo, Wright’s 22-year-old wife, was charged with misdemeanor battery.

According to a Lauderhill Police Department report, the couple placed a drive-thru order that they later discovered contained the wrong coffee. Longo wanted her java with vanilla. Instead she got caramel.

So the pair parked their vehicle and went inside the restaurant to speak with a manager. Before that could occur, the pair got into an argument with the worker who had handled their order. Matters quickly escalated and Wright and Longo allegedly began assaulting the employee.

Wright proceeded to pistol whip Rajay Hall with his loaded 9mm handgun. In surveillance footage, Longo is seen getting some licks in, too. Also, she allegedly urger her husband to shoot hall.

Both Wright and Longo are currently in the Broward County Jail. Watch video of the assault below.

Photo: Broward County PD

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    Here we go again…u beefin over coffee my ni99a? Coffee??? ? (in my Katt WIlliams voice) FOH People are psychos

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    Fat people always doing dumb shiit for the love of food..

  • Team nymphis

    Now this dumb az nucca will be waking up with Doug Folgers in his cup

  • lol

    all of a sudden that fat white bytch got bad… if she was by herself her fat a$$ wouldn’t have done jack!

    • curtflirt

      Well in Florida, she probably would have by herself, those Florida people are out of their minds, White and Black. Smh

  • Lex PrimeOne

    I said NO SUGAR.

  • jmjg

    That mess was ridiculous. I hope they stay the heck in jail. Pieces of shyte.