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Marcus Smart Shoves Fan Who Called Him A Racial Slur [VIDEO]


NBA prospect Marcus Smart lost his cool and shoved a fan in the stands during an Oklahoma State loss to Texas Tech. However, details on what caused to Smart to react the way he did are still iffy, but the consensus is that a racial slur was hurled the sophomore guard’s way. 

Reports ESPN:

Oklahoma State star Marcus Smart shoved a Texas Tech fan in the final seconds of the 19th-ranked Cowboys’ 65-61 loss to the Red Raiders on Saturday night in Lubbock, Texas.

Smart tried to block Jaye Crockett’s dunk attempt from behind with 6.2 seconds to go but stumbled out of bounds behind the basket. As he was being helped up, he appeared to exchange words with a fan in the front row before lunging for the fan and pushing him with two hands. The fan, wearing a black shirt, stumbled backward but did not fall.

Smart was pulled away, pointing back in the fan’s direction, and was assessed a technical foul but was not ejected. He remained on the bench until the final buzzer.

The fan that Smart shoved has been identified as Jeff Orr, an air traffic controller in Waco, Texas, who travels thousands of miles each year to attend Texas Tech basketball games, according to athletic department spokesman Blayne Beal.

What was the racial slur? Reportedly it was the n-word, but that has yet to be confirmed.

According to Black Sports Online, Orr admits he said something out of pocket.

Should Marcus Smart be suspended for this incident? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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  • Melody Carroll

    he stood up for his self nothing wrong with that the white man was in the wrong

  • Craig

    If Jeff Orr used the n-word he better be prepared for a lawsuit. Mr. Smart was defending himself from a hate crime. No punishment should be handed to him. Jeff Orr was in the wrong. Racism needs to be punished.

  • somehistorian

    good luck with the lawsuit…lol Smart wasn’t being very smart, has a temper of a two year old…you would never witness this type of behavior from Syracuse or Duke players. Racial?? How about a pumped up fan & pumped up player, player carelessly runs out of bounds into fans…..what could possibly go wrong?

    • Chad

      I don’t think there’s any possibility of a lawsuit from Smart but to place blame on him is ludicrous. I do not agree with his reaction. However, I certainly can not judge him for it. But I don’t expect you to get it since you just compared him to players from Syracuse & Duke. smh Famdom

      • somehistorian

        Just to clarify…the guys from these two teams (Syr & Duke) are a class act. Their coaches don’t put up with immature temper tantrums behavior or you’re off the team..So…. you don’t get it! I as a fan of sports can & do judge their sportsmanship like actions, no matter their ethnicity.

  • Mike Lincoln

    No surprise. Orr did not say any racial slur. The story now is where did Smart learn that he could lie like that and tell people Orr said that???

    There’s a lot of people like Smart who think it’s okay to say a white person uses racial slurs just because they don’t get their way or get into trouble.

    Thanks society.

  • #N-WordLOVESthemSOMEexcuses

    Why don’t you change the title. Orr never used the N-Word, you can watch they tape and see it never came out of his mouth. Here you have a kid cracking under the pressure and pushed a guy who mouthed, if you cant handle fans in the BIG12 you are not ready for the NBA.