Trent Clark

Black Father Dies Protecting His Teen Daughter From Hate Crime



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  • seabass3

    I am so sorry for the senseless loss of life, with that being said why is it it can only be ” a hate crime ” if the victim is black? Why wasn’t it considered a hate crime when the gang of feral ” kids” beat a homeless white guy in Cincinnati? Double standard? I think so.

    • DS

      The racial slur might have had something to do with it. Besides, what does that have to do with this story? It sounds like you are just looking for a reason to complain about how poorly white people are treated in America. Cry me a river.

      • redcan

        Treating white people differently because they are white is racist. You are just ignorant of that because what you’ve been taught by the left and the media. Hopefully, one day you will see and will be less bigoted.

  • hello

    why do whites always bring up another incident when a black is killed? We all know that blacks fall more at the hands of hate crime and several whites response even solidifies it more.

    • redcan

      If hate crimes are only attributed to white on black crime, I can see where you get the misimpression that ‘blacks fall more at the hands of hate crime’. You’ve been lied to. Please keep an open mind.

      • hello

        no actually hate crimes are attributed when a white is attacking a black and screaming racist words which happens more often when a black is attacking a white as those whites can’t even hold in their racism…..

  • redcan

    Victims of the knockout game – not hate. I guy with heart trouble punched in the chest (with the perp expressing hope that he is okay before he dies) is undoubtably a hate crime. Bullsh!t.