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Al Sharpton An FBI Informant: 10 Things We Learned Of His Dime Dropping


Sharpton’s Cooperation Was Rewritten To Mask His Identity

Al Sharpton

Photo: WENN

Titled “The Extortion From and Control of Morris Levy,” the initial November 1984 affidavit contained the fruits of Sharpton’s cooperation. The FBI wiretaps were rewritten to further mask the Civil Rights advocate’s identity, but noted that the “confidential informant had been providing information to the bureau for more than a year.”

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  • solofromtoronto


  • stargazeman

    Snitches supposed to get Stitches—why he any better if common folk getting killed over much less? Never trust him again.

    • TnTitan

      Please stop that crap….maybe if more people start snitchin OUR kid will stop gettin killed walking home from school. Grow up that’s stupid. Snitches get stitches FOH!

      • QueenTerrie

        Thank you! IF more people actually stood up & reported what they saw then a lot of those thugs would be off the streets & more people would still be alive. This inbreds saying “snitches get stiches” is as stupid as those that use it!

  • Nothing new, who cares about this nicca?

  • Atira

    Organized crime figures? Why should anyone be upset? They ran prostitution, narcotics, gambling, and protection rackets in black communities he is and was a community organizer, why is he being castigated? What has organized crime ever done for the black community except pave the way for black organized crime

    • joel

      So did blacks which mes it worse .

    • blackconservative

      Blacks were involved in organized crime….Frank Lucas…Mickey Barnes….

    • bigalblowhard

      He also taped Don King and is rumored to have ratted about Assata Shakur to the FBI. You think this is only about Italians?

    • Red Menace

      Because that’s how he was nabbed up dummy, he was just as dirty as the rest, he deserves all the castigation they got. Get informed.

  • Youknowwhatiitis

    Of course this n|gga is an agent. He’s on MSNBC and Malcolm is dead.

    • Dubsco

      real fuckin talk…

  • james r.

    Stitches for snitches!, someone named Al needs to be taken for the long walk, on a short pier.

  • Dee

    Sounds to me like Rev. Sharpton has made such a significance in standing for equality and justice that this could be a flat out lie, ummm maybe a diversion because he is pushing hard for change and progress. Careful people don’t fall for the snitch game.

  • truthbetold

    So was justice of the Supreme Court Thurgood Marshall. He was a FBI informant who spied on MLk and other civil rights activists. Now we know why Marshall got put on the supreme court and Al the rat got a tv show. Cant trust blk leaders. Through political strategy they keep us hungry, and when you go to get some food, your brother got to be your enemy, ambush in the night.

    • RealBlackGirl

      Still one Thurgood Marshall is better than a dozen Uncle Clarence Thomas’s.

  • DRUNK247

    More power to him

  • Sellouts

    Jesse too…how could he afford to send his son to Harvard???

    • bigdawgman

      Corporate extortion. Remember all that press that PUSH gave to corporations that were “friendly” to blacks? That was just his way of extorting money from them in return for a “black pass.” Sold us out….

      • Guess

        TRUE story…read SHAKEDOWN Exposing The Real Jesse Jackson…what a shame!

  • Warren Douglas


  • guest

    That’s real effed up that they leaked that ish. That man has a family. Somebody is gonna be looking for get back. Whoever reported this ish might as well just shoot him themselves ol coward a$$es playing with someone’s life.

  • YouAlreadyKnow!

    I’d rather him snitch on the Italian mob than me….but then again, a rats a rat.

  • We all knew that he was working for the Feds.

  • ThaWrongNiggaToFuckWit

    This loose skin having perm snitch tried to hand Assata Shakur over to the FBI.

  • YouAlreadyKnow!

    Oh Yeh that’s right!!! I almost forgot about this nucca man!! Rotten low-down dirrty weasel. He and Don King both been taking’ L’s for ages.

  • sleepy18d

    Why does anyone care, seams like he was looking out for himself who doesn’t?

  • acasinofriend


  • 2fly

    This nothing new. Al been bought and paid for he works the Jew. Just look up Sandy Newman.


    Why would you accept any news on Al Sharpton from white people?

  • MeMeSlim

    Not shocked. Can’t tell who’s worse, him or Jesse? They help make the black community look bad with their “preacher-on-a-pedestal-routine”; condemning everything on behalf on black people while being crooks. Taking advantage of poor black people and their suffering (because you were slightly adjacent to King) don’t qualify you or give you a right to speak for all black people. Sheep should stop believing in these fools.

  • Kay

    Hip Hop’s love of Rev Al?? Really??? Nah….

  • bigdawgman

    Something is missing here. Why was he working for the FBI? They had to have something on him, or else they would have used their own agents. If he was working for them directly, that would make him an agent, not an informant. Were they holding the extortion charge over his head?? Seems doubtful since he could have easily wormed out of that one since there is no real proof. Either this is bullisht, or ole boy was involved in some really deep stuff that we don’t know about. Maybe that’s where all that crack came from. j/k

    • bigalblowhard

      Nothing’s missing. Read the actual story on Smoking Gun. He was on tape making a deal for drug trafficing, so they held that over him.

      • bigdawgman

        Oh isht!! Dang, I was just kidding about the dope. Maaan, if that’s true that’s a little heart breaking. Another con artist….

  • d1ckdame

    No surprise here. He is what they call on Scandal, “The Help.” Or a monkey in a suit.

  • Sharpton Is A Bullseye

    I am no fan of these people, they’re the disgrace of the Italians. But, i still have to ask, ‘What are the odds with the bookies that this freaky looking trouble making scumbag disappears within the next 5 years?’ This piece of dogs.h.i.t. is so proud to be black he straightens his frizzy hair. What a mutt. The Geneveses have close ties with the Colombos. A very vicious and sadistic family. Chop, chop, chop, chop. ‘Hey what happened to Al?’. LOL!

    • Tanya

      I find it sad the way he NEVER comes to the aid of blacks. He NEVER goes after the thugs killing thugs yet, blacks support him like he’s some sort of God. Some of the idiots are probably at a funeral right now for a family member saying how wonderful this man is BUT, not a word of condolences to them! Blacks have lost their own minds to think for themselves by following people like him. Really? And you thought slavery was over. He’s the #1 master of slaves…YOU!. So sad

  • blackconservative

    F U C K you al-snitch-bitch….sleep with the fishes.

  • Red Menace

    People have been knowing Al-Sharpton was a phony and a scam for a long time now, only this time there’s some really official documents to back it up. Goodbye Sharpton, nice knowing ya sucker.