Trent Clark

Drunk Michigan Woman Arrested For Calling 911 For Assistance [PHOTOS]



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  • MsLittlejohn

    Ya’ll are wrong for the ‘struggle hair day’! LOL!!!

    • bigdawgman

      Naw they ain’t! What in the blue fvck happened to her hair??? Did she leave home like that?

      • MsLittlejohn

        I am CRYING!!! I don’t know, you know how police are, they probably made her take her hair tie out or something. Don’t wanna believe she was at the bar kicking it looking like that!

  • godsent224

    Serve n protect you assholes, stop locking ppl up for bs. Its not like she was pranking them.

  • njoyabl

    She took her scrunchie off, probably so they could ensure she wasn’t hiding anything in her hair. Messed up, they could have let her put it back up or something though.

    • Nickie

      They took my hair scrunchie when I got arrested, and my hair was ridiculous. But at that point I more cared about the fact I was arrested and less about how bad I looked in my mugshot, ya know?

      • njoyabl

        lol, yeah, I know, happened to me once too!