Trent Clark

14-Year-Old Girl Shot & Killed Over Facebook Dispute About Boy In Chicago [PHOTOS]



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  • isa mcduffie

    That’s what wrong with this crazy world…we are kill in out own…..our own whether we like I or not we are family in gods world …..over a boy….boys come and go…. we change boyfriends like we change underwear everyday….this world is coming to an end…and you…us..we wanna end someones life…..Facebook needs to end and shut down

  • asha

    what is a resolvement? Please do better!

  • guest

    What’s also disturbing is the fact the victim stayed there while they cleared it. I would’ve been gone! Whoever cleared it though is about to get locked up too as an accessory. People are fvcking stupid.

  • JuJu

    Thats so sad…over a boy??? What happened to the days of moving on to the next? Working on oneself or if there is a fight, its a fight with hands!

  • Mi

    Her uncle ( the 24 year old male) cleared the gun for her, after her first attempt to shoot. The 17 year old male tried to get rid of the weapon. This was all planned out.

  • middleagerant42

    Smh Lord help us and touch that family.