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Black Man Arrested In Stabbing, Beating, Death Of White Supremacist


Mississippi police have a 22-year-old Black man in custody for the death of a prominent white supremacist that was found stabbed, beaten and set on fire.

Vincent McGee of Rankin County, Mississippi is in police custody for the death of lawyer Richard Barrett.

Police say McGee who previously did yard work for the well known supremacist and lived nearby, murdered him but a motive is still unknown.

Barrett, a Vietnam War veteran, traveled the country sharing his anti-Black and anti-immigration ideas and cofounded the Nationalist Movement, a white supremacist organization.

The war vet was also responsible for organizing a protest of Martin Luther King day in Jena, Louisiana where the infamous Jena 6 case took place.
Vincent McGee is facing charges of murder and arson.

Additional charges are expected to be filed against him.

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  • Paul Wall

    I can only imagine the circumstances behind this but I shake your hand, man. One less Sarah Palin supporter and treasonous bastard.

  • jarjar

    I’m playing the world’s tiniest violin for the deceased LOL.

  • youngdigg

    The perp should be given a medal of honor.

  • I dont condom murdering anybody UNLESS its in self defense, to protect yours…etc, but guess it is what it is. Who to say the perp was’nt prompted to do this? we msy never know, but frankly why would he work for somebody that hates everything he stands for? Thats like befriending the enemy, to get close to him.

    why even bother

  • He should be applauded!

  • d

    indeed. well played.

  • Reckoner

    Of course they agree, Tabhan. Murder and torture is okay as long as its black on white! That’s the new chimp mentality.

  • JJ

    just one more worthless criminal thug off the streets, only to be taken care of for the rest of it’s life by the US taxpayer. The state of Mississippi should do the world a favor and just take this drain of society behind the courthouse and put a .45 through it’s head. Yea, this is a real admirable guy (sarcasm) and you guys are applauding his actions? No wonder the country is so screwed up. Regardless if the victim was a racist or not, at least he didnt kill someone and set him on fire

  • high

    you dont ever hear about all the black fools that nazis kill. wtf