Cecil Lennox

Dead Woman Gets New Orleans Funeral Party With Her Corpse Holding Beer & Cigarettes [Photos]



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  • Rosemary Davis

    Only black people,what a lack of respect for the dead, what did they do next force her stiff body in to a casket???I was so distraught when my mom died the last thing on my mind was a partyI couldn’t even bear to view her body but yet these children prop their mother up in a chair, stick a cigarette in her mouth, and a can of beer on the side gross just plain gross and disrespectfull.

    • JuneBug81

      Sounds more like they honored her memory to me. Every person, family, death, and grieving process is different. For all you know, this is precisely what she would have wanted. Not honoring that would have been true disrespect in my opinion. To each their own.

      I’m truly sorry for your loss and your suffering. Peace.

    • IMO

      I would love to be honored by being displayed doing what I enjoyed in life. If this is how the woman lead her life, than this was respectfully and none of your business if YOU don’t like it.

      • Rosemary Davis

        You are replying to old news, do you live in a remote area perhaps where your internet is slow and may be up once a week  you got news that everyone else has read already?? and you just may get your wish more sooner than later to be propped up in corpse form while others look on at your family’s ignorance.and stupidity Now you can like this or not.

    • zbossofu

      Sorry but the lack of respect is your comment regarding black people. Just because you wouldn’t do it, doesn’t mean it’s wrong or disrespectful. Ever heard of to each his own?

      • Rosemary Davis

        Why are you responding to a story that is a couple of months old?? it shows how out of touch you are, and as you said to each his own and so my comment is my (OWN) opinion (TO EACH HIS OWN) get it, now go and catch up on what’s going on in the world today such as the Michael Brown case in Ferguson, Missouri and not what happen two months ago.

      • Bobby Boyd

        whats wrong with looking at things from two months ago.. ?? i guess that makes history class completely irrelevant

      • Jason Courage

        Am I too late here?? Sorry but Ive been busy with life…just catching up now on my (old) news. BTW your opening few words really show the total lack of class you have, do you enjoy living as a bigot?

    • Bobby Boyd

      hey.. you’re really dumb. Just thought you should know if you didn’t already.

  • Genus

    When my grandfather died, the alcoholic children & grandchildren among us (I was not one) were sitting under the “tree” drinking early in the day, as is usual for them. My mother a self-professed Jehovah Witness came to the porch and started screaming saying . . . yall ain’t got no sense, our father just died and yall under the tree drinking etc. etc. One uncle stuttered something really profound, he said:

    “You cain’t tell nobodee how ta moan!”

    And you know what? In his uneducated drunkin stupor, he was right! You can’t. My husband and I wanted to laugh so hard, but knew that if we did, my mother would have really lost it because:

    A. Its true, B. Dude was funny, C. “Moaning” is personal!

    D: You can’t tell nobody how to mourn!

    • Janet Felks

      So funny ! And I am sorry for the loss of your grandfather,having THOSE type of family members around sounds like he really is in a better place. “HELL IS OTHER PEOPLE”

      • Genus

        Thanx for the wishes. I’m not mad at those other people, they were being themselves. One has passed on, one is ill and the other is probably still being profound all the while mispronouncing every word! LOL!

        Grandpops — well, after living thru Jim Crow, working 1 job for 50 years, taking care of a wife, 9 children & what seems like 100’s of grands, he and the Creator are probably sipping tea. LOL! Peace.

  • Janice Edwards

    Like someone commented, to each it’s own. But I guess it’s all about the life you live, because I think this the “tackiest” “s —–t” I have EVER HEARD…LOL!!

    • Trent Clark


  • JOSH

    Who cares, they could as well bake her for dinner, thats their right, right? Thats a black man’s mentality displayed in foreign land. We don’t do that to our departed in this part of the world. We absolutely respect and send them away with dignity here in Africa, no matter our financial stand. We respect the dead.

  • Smooth

    This is disturbing. I feel sick…

  • smr413

    Sick. On the other hand, I guess she’s just a happier version of Norman Bates’s mother.

  • aMACer2

    That’s my wish… have a party with all the friends, family and any stranger that wants to send me off. In my case a martini…but run if it goes dry. 🙂

    Do not mourn for me as I have moved on BUT please, PLEASE do send me away with a bang. Let’s celebrate all that life offered while I was here.

    cheers Mae Mae, where ever you may be!

  • Stephanie Harper

    Wow really Rosemary ?? you are the type of person who keeps hate going in the world. You really think that the color of someone’s skin has something to do with being wierd or dumb? If that were true then where does that leave you because I am sure you are white maybe even a skin head or Nazi. You are not any better than anyone else but I’m sure you are worse.

  • Lee Warran

    Why are we not surprised over the stupid stuff that spades do?