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Stacey Dash is taking her new role as a host on FOX News seriously, by dropping ridiculous rhetoric. While critiquing a recent Kanye West rant, the Clueless actress suggested he pay a visit to Rikers to get a finer understanding of rape.

During the rant in question, which went down in London, Yeezy compared getting bothered by paparazzi to rape. Definitely not a good look for  West, which FOX decided to spend some time discussing in the context of out of touch celebrities.

Reports Crooks & Liars:

On Tuesday, the hosts at Out Numbered expressed outraged that West would compare the irritation of photographers to sexual assault.

Fox News host Sandra Smith began a segment about the gaffe by advising West to “just stop talking,” but then she wondered if he deserved forgiveness for the offhand comment.

“Should we be a little bit more forgiving of them?” Smith asked. “They are saying things in the heat of the moment that they actually don’t really mean.”

Dash, who is known for her role as an actress in the movie Clueless, said that she did not know if West meant the comments. She did, however, make a very serious rape remark of her own.

“For Kanye to say rape, maybe he needs to spend some time on Rikers Island [Correctional Facility],” Dash declared. “You know, go to Rikers for a little while and then he’ll know what rape is.”

“I don’t think they’re out of touch, I just think they don’t understand what the business is,” the Clueless actress observed.

We’re definitely not condoning Yeezy’s rhetoric, which did get him booed. But it is interesting that Ms. Dash didn’t mention being in Yeezy’s “All Falls Down” video, though. #NeverForget

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