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Jim Jones On A$AP Mob: “They Weren’t From The Street”


Since A$AP Mob broke through to become one of New York’s hottest new Rap collectives, they have drawn several comparisons to other groups before them. When asked about the two crew’s similarities, Jim Jones thought there weren’t many.

In a recent interview with XXL, CAPO cited several differences between A$AP and the Diplomats. “Nah. They weren’t from the street. They’re a good group of kids and they’re artistic but they’re not from the street and their style is way different than what we do.”

The Harlem rapper went into specifics on why he can’t really relate to Rocky, Ferg, Twelvy and Yams. “It’s a little bit far out there for me. We got bonafide swag and the definition of get fly, ya dig? I’m not trying to disrespect them—A$AP Mob is doing it, they got their numbers and they’re doing what they like to do—but they’re nothing like the Diplomats” he added.

And then came some unexpected salt: “They didn’t come up hanging and banging and hustling and really touching the pavement, ya dig? It’s a big difference. We don’t wear kilts and we don’t wear tight sweatpants and funny sneakers. That’s not our style. Price point and high fashion don’t really make it cool. I’ll still go in Wal Mart and come out and ni—s will still think it’s Versace.”

While we are skeptical about the fresh available for sale at Wal Mart, it is interesting to hear a fellow rapper is not be scared to speak on A$AP Mob‘s at times questionable fashion decisions.

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  • madamfoo

    Thank goodness someone finally said it!!!!!

  • None of you rappers are on the streets so stop it. You might be a gang affiliated but none of you are thugs. Plus, didn’t Dipset get chased during a basketball game at Rucker Park or something?

  • Big Red-Office Hrs: 9 to 5

    But ya’ll wore pink and tight jeans with the wallet chain though lol