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Life Happens: 10 Things We Learned From Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta [Photos]


So many tears were shed on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, but most of them didn’t even come from the porn star. Last night’s episode featured Mimi copping pleas (amidst tragedy), Stevie J and Joseline highlighting their dysfunction and a struggle picnic. 

It was Scrappy that set up a nice surprise picnic for Bambi. Too bad she was bewildered about what was going on. But the most comedic part of this episode was porn star Mimi saying, with a straight face, that she wanted $10,000 to be on the cover of Benzino’s magazine, Hip Hop Weekly. Good luck with that.

We also got the seeds of Benzino and Stevie J’s fallout. Mostly because the latter had to deal with the headache that is Joseline. No shots.

Check out 10 things we learned from the Life Happens episode of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta on the following pages.

Photos: VH1

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    Scrappy’s momma is cray cray for real….how in the world do you tell your son “without my permission”….dang she makes it sounds like SHE IS HIS woman. They have this real strange mother/son relationship…She needs to find herself a man, ah he11 she is a MAN!!!!

  • Real Talk

    If they shut this stupid reality show down, some people will go broke and others might even commit suicide

  • Fitch

    MsFaust’s GF’s are upset at her decisions and they know it’s not good for her or her daughter. Plus I think they will choose not to be her friend anymore because of her decisions so they are hurt and sad– MommaDee is just weird–Scrappy is dumb–This is wht he gets-he wanted a crazy PRPrincess and he got 1- so deal w it Stebie.


      Stebie is around the PR Princess so much he’s starting to talk like her….HORRIBLE!!! Like you said he wanted her so bad, NOW DEAL WITH THE CRAZY HOOCH!

    • Black

      Sorry I don’t agree. Last night they just seem like fake friends, with the exception of Rasheeda, who was more like let’s just get over it! Mimi is right Arian doesn’t like any man Mimi is with and I’m starting to think Arian wants Mimi for herself.

  • Chaz

    Dawn is just a bitter piece of trash. She aint really nobodies manager. Still mad cause Joseline sent Stevie to fire her.

  • R!-Goddamn-Diculous

    I just can’t get over Momma Dee’s reaction LMAO!