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Florida Dad Who Beat Son’s Molester Explains The Situation [VIDEO]


A Florida father who walked in on a close family friend sexually abusing his 11-year-old son and beat the 18-year-old aggressor to a pulp has publicly opened up about the situation. The father says that if it weren’t for his son pleading for Raymond Frolander‘s life, he very well may have killed him.

As we’ve previously reported, Frolander was playing video games with his victim and a group of friends. When the friends left the home, Frolander began abusing the boy, which the father broke apart in a most explosive fashion. Florida NBC affiliate WESH caught up with the father, masking his and the victim’s identity to protect the family.

WESH has more:

The father, who WESH 2 News is not identifying in order to protect the identity of the victim, insists his son is a hero.

“My immediate feeling was to kill him, so he will never hurt anyone again,” the father said.

The father believes Frolander’s bloody and bruised face is getting too much publicity. He said he doesn’t regret his reaction, but he isn’t bragging about it either. He is, however, bragging about his son.

“My son saved Raymond. Raymond was motionless on our floor. I went to the kitchen to grab a butcher knife and my son stopped me. My son came in front of me and saved his attacker’s life,” said the father.

The father says he treated Frolander like one of his own and says police reports that Frolander was abusing the boy for the last three years are wrong.

Frolander’s lumped face has been blasted around news outlets nationwide, and he is currently in the Volusia County Jail without bond. The father says he believes his son will forgive Frolander, which the father said he doesn’t imagine he’ll be able to do.

“It’s going to be a long time before I ever forgive that, if I can,” said the father, with his voice trembling.

Watch the WESH report by way of The Grio below.

Photo: WESH

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