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Twitter Reacts To Chris Brown’s Butt-Licking Flick [PHOTOS]



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  • 1NTheChamber

    When will this dude grow up?

    • imright


    • Angel bluu

      He’s coming out of the closet up next he’s gonna claim the gay title smh.

    • just1

      These “Flat Pound Cakes” could only be “RiRi or Kay Kay”….Just keeping it real.

    • S Jo

      Well, I no longer have an interest in kissing him now!! I’ve always had crush on him, and thought that he reminded me of that cute guy in high school, that could sing, and would sing in the hallways and all the girls loved him, but this image, just knocked all that sh*t out the window!!

      (But fawk it, I will stay loving Chris)!! 🙂

  • this niqqa stay taking Ls

  • Tolegittoquit


  • YAYO


  • LadyLee

    That’s what’s up. He know what to do. This is not a big deal. Most men go hard like this. What’s the hoopla about?

    • 1NTheChamber

      The big deal is him posting it. He should have kept it to himself. Now when he receives negative feedback he’ll probably blame the media and tell them to mind their business.

  • guest


    • True G.R.I.T.S

      OMG i was just reading about this…smh folks swallowing HPV and dont even kno it…

    • Cherry Coke

      And I wonder about all the other diseases, eapecially the mental illness & aggression due to such uncleanness.

  • guest

    He licked a butt cheek, not butt crack, because we all know crack is whack. LOL

  • factsornah

    Umm that’s from the No BS video


    Grown man discussion, if you havent tried it with the woman you love yall arent doing it correctly!!!

    • bigshot

      Chit. Its a lot more u can do than lick a$$ I think ya ninjas stroke game ain’t working no more so ya resulting to this lmao

      • rene


  • Seandoe26

    Ummmmm y’all on that “Bull$hit” lol, it’s from the video duh!!!!! Ultimate REACH!

  • guest

    Just waiting for the Photoshops and memes

  • oppa

    the things you learn in prison. smh

  • customcalendars4u2

    Smh…..Chris Brown no more kissing your momma with that mouth, you’re gonna have to wash it out with soft soap & gargle with peroxide first.

  • Stefon

    My long term tall muscle bound high yella boo used to like bumm cakes too. I miss him.

  • Toni Boom Boom Bean

    That’s just sick, what in the hell is going on with these “crack Babies” they will do anything!

  • steelcitychick

    Question. …who in heck is in there taking pictures of this?….lol

  • only1princess10

    He’s sick. What’s is happening to this world? This should be banned on any sight. All these kids are looking and following him. This is what he’s teaching them. Sad!

  • steelcitychick

    People are attracted to what they know…..If you’re about sh*t….you going be attracted to sh*t!
    Am I wrong?

  • MiaSara

    He back on that wiggum

  • Dee

    Men who eat butt crack are suspects…undercover gay fish.

  • solofromtoronto

    HHW eat butts

  • solofromtoronto

    How long yall gonna keep this disgusting pic up? HHW eats da booty!