Trent Clark

Black Filmmaker Wrongfully Gets Arrested In Beverly Hills [PHOTOS]



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  • angryblakguy

    Finally a brother with the credentials to leave them no wiggle room for the bullchit Sue the blood out of those kok suckers Don’t take money from the city,garnish their individual net income by 50 percent for the next 10 years see how they love that

    • Roast the swines

      yes sir! sue and get their petty change then, use it to wipe your behind with. they are not good enough to be pigs, they’re shyt that needs to be flushed down the toilet. take them down and sue!

      • Black drama queens

        Settle down Black drama queens. No one is above being arrested. The police are allowed to do that.

        He was found to be the wrong suspect and released. Yes, a big Black ego was offended, but then, it’s hard not to offend Black people in some manner.

      • Rich

        GTFOH you’re condoning this nonsense?

      • angryblakguy

        Seems like John and Patsy Ramsey was above arrest They had a dead child in the basement of their home.There was no signs of an intruder.John and Patsy admitted they didn’t leave the house Those crakkkas wasnt arrested,made to undergo a polygraph test,nothing,instead they got media coverage and sympathy.The situation would’ve been alot different for a black family in the same situation Wite people are the last to talk about ego.There’s two 12 year old wars going on simultaneously,one was started over the suspicion of weapons that never existed,instead of saying “Sorry wrong info,no weapons here”,people are continuing to be maimed,crippled, murdered on both sides The EGO of the krakkka is alot more dangerous than the ego of any other race

  • Marquis de Sade

    Just when he thought he made it, YT is there to remind him: “NOT SO FAST, TOBY!” – Now he’s humming SOUL II SOUL’S:




    • bigddykn2


  • fortune27

    Sue them. And while you’re at it talk about the Constitution, freedom, democracy, the Founding Fathers and civil ethics. Then use some $500 words on their a$$es in the process. That will pissed them off, esp. when you take all their money.

  • AngusCarpathian

    I hope he takes them for all he can. This kind of behavior by the police is unacceptable. They need to change the laws where cops are not held financially liable for their actions. As long as they know we write then check when they screw up, they will continue not to care.