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Fat Joe Facing $139,000 Tax Lien


Fat Joe is the latest celeb in Hip-Hop to be hit with a hefty tax bill now that he reportedly owes the government thousands of dollars in back taxes.

Although he’s still prepping for the release of his The Darkside album, Joey Crack’s been cited for owing the government $139,000 in federal and state taxes.

In addition to the back taxes, he was also hit with a $71,611 mortgage bill from his bank for his $2 million Florida mansion that recently went up for sale.

After reviewing public records, The Detroit News reports that Joey took out a $250,000 mortgage with SunTrustBank four years ago but was sued by the institution in January.

SunTrust was awarded a default judgment of $71,611 and the $139,000 bill for the government is reportedly still pending.

Additionally the DN reports that the IRS filed a $31,987 tax lien against him in New Jersey in addition to a $2,200 tax lien the state filed against him and his Terror Squad Productions Inc.

Joe has yet to comment on his reported tax woes.

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  • zoriansmom

    Damn Joe all that flossin platinum jewelry luxury cars and mansions shouldn’t you have paid your bills first?

  • Anti-believer

    ^^^ OKAY!

    these rappers are so FAKE!

    they living from paycheck to paycheck like a DUMMY!

  • Vell-1

    Live within your means! Very few of these dudes have little to show for what they accomplished. If you make a million then you don’t have enough for a million dollar house!

  • Pebblebeach

    darn fools…

  • emanuel

    A lesson in having your priorities in line

  • drizzy

    Damn I remember seenin his MTV cribs episode where he had a room full of jordan sneakers dat he never wore n he was licking da bottoms to prove it…he had like 4 foriegn cars couldn’t fit in one of dem now dude own money to uncle sam…ionno joe ain never sell like dat so he mite get dat willie nelson/wesley snipes treatment…mane I know dudes n da rap game can’t wait 2 put a diss record out bout dis if I wuz joe i’d keep my mouth shut

  • ROzybaby

    Joe betta start sellin more Crack…..

  • Mari

    he was at a club in NY (Pranna) preforming from a couch. smh Yeah.. he broke

  • Can’t say i’m not surprised.

  • the man

    number 1 his lyrics is booty this fat piece of crap he is getting some of that karma back from screwing everyone over living off of big puns name you lard A$$, he always talking real tough burrito eating ,chicken and beans,and rice eating piece of crap ,i cant wait until someone pushes this whale,carp face s wig back,and your lyrics is garbage lean back on that fat boy

  • og

    Lien back, Lien back, Lien back.

  • boxy

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