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Hillary Clinton was in Atlanta yesterday (Oct. 30) about to kick off a campaign speech when Black Lives Matter protesters interrupted her flow. However, it seems like the protest was drowned out because the majority Black audience wanted to hear Clinton speak. 

Reports Raw Story:

As the former Secretary of State began to speak, a group of eight protesters entered between Clinton and the crowd, clapping their hands and chanting.

Clinton was expected to call for legislation banning racial profiling by law enforcement, and she attempted to shout over the protesters saying, “My friends, I’m going to get to some very important points, that black lives do matter,” to the cheers of the crowd.

The protesters were soon drowned out by the predominately black audience — who came to hear her speak — with chants of “Hillary. Hillary.”

Congressman and civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) also attempted to ask the protesters to allow Clinton to speak.

As the protesters continued to interrupt, the crowd then began chanting, “Let her talk.”

In early October, Clinton met with Black Lives Matters leaders. Did they forget to mention something?

Those in attendance were mostly HBCU students and Clinton spoke at length about her racial justice platform.

Reports the New Republic:

This is the America that Hillary Clinton sought to address and presumably ameliorate when she took a stage in Atlanta on Friday in front of a legion of students from local historically black universities. After facing protesters who chanted and sang the Janelle Monae anthem “Hell You Talmbout”over the first part of her speech, the former secretary of state eventually advocated for a number of key racial justice reforms: A long-overdue overhaul of drug sentencing laws, legislation to prohibit racial profiling, and “banning the box,” a federal ban on employers asking applicants about their criminal history—a proven barrier to readjustment after prison. She also came out against the private sector’s encroachment of the prison system. “We need to end private prisons and detention centers once and for all,” Clinton said. “Protecting public safety is the core responsibility of the government, and it should never be outsourced.” 

Are you buying what Clinton is selling?

Photo: YouTube

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