Drake Talks His Future And Motivation [Video]


Young Money emcee and Toronto native Drake was recently at the Canadian Juno awards and took time out to discuss his future plans and what motivates him as an artist.

In an interview with the Vancouver Observer, Drake reveals that one day he plans to return to his acting roots full time.

“Between me and Lil’ Wayne we make timeless music,” Drake said. “When the time is right, I will definitely go back to acting because it’s a passion of mine.”

In addition to discussing his future plans, Drake also reveals what motivates him to work so hard.

“I am motivated by success,” Drake continued. “I am still growing and still learning and my vulnerability in my music is key to keep me humble and grounded and proud to be here.”

Peep the full interview below:

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  • TheMsBeautiful87

    Blah Blah blah……… Drake is gay nothing more needs to be said…..

  • themsbeautiful87

    Im first!!!!! and Drake is gay….

  • thank god im white

    drake shoulda been a backstreet boy with all those soft mushy hooks he lays down in every song. dude is so soft.

  • fiasco fan

    I like him as a rapper but why is a young money man

  • misssand

    Who cares what this liar wants? This dude is fake as they come.

  • Yeah, It’s me…and what?!

    The Junos were over 2 months ago! This clip is old compared to Blog standards.

  • 3rika

    My question is y do u ppl keep hatin on him? Just shut the Fawk up! He’s obviously richer and probably cuter than u, so, y bother? It makes u look like a Fawkin whiney Beyotch! Shut up! Btw drake, luh-v u right now! I heart ur music. So cute! U r def a ladies man. 😉

  • 3rika

    Btw y do yall think hes fruity? Just askin.