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Father Beats 4-Week-Old, Breaks 56 Bones, Causes Bleeding On The Brain


A Savage, Minnesota man is in police custody after authorities say he committed the “most severe case of child abuse they’ve ever seen”, breaking 56 bones in his 4-week-old daughter’s body and causing bleeding on her brain.

22-year-old Thomas Edward Ampe was arrested for beating his young daughter after authorities were called to a local hospital where the child was being treated for a fractured rib and bruises.

When police arrived on the scene, X-rays showed 56 fractures in the infant’s arms, legs, ribs and knees while an MRI showed bleeding and bruising on the brain in three areas.

Police say Ampe admitted to occasionally “shaking” the child who has Down syndrome when he became bothered by her constant crying.

Ampe also allegedly admitted to shoving a bottle in the baby’s mouth so hard that it separated her upper lip from the gum, causing it to bleed.

Police say the father also told them he would often grab the infant by the wrists, flip her over and hit her on top of the head with an open hand.
Additionally, authorities say he would often drop her on her back from as high as 1 foot above the baby bed.

Savage Police Capt. Dave Muelken summarized the case saying,

“In my 33 years [as a police officer] this is the most severe case of child abuse I have ever seen.”

Ampe was released from jail August 19 after posting $50,000 bail.

If convicted on the assault charges, he faces a maximum of 20 years behind bars and a $30,000 fine.

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  • xmestizax

    That poor little girl! The abuse she endured was atrocious! Where was her mother to protect her? He deserves more than the maximum penalty!

    • biggen1077

      @xmestizax I think that so often people think “where was the mother when”? Lets not forget that he is that little babys father and just as responsible for her love and SAFETY. Not trying to get on you but regardless of the situation this should not have happened. I am truly so sick of seeing and hearing of all of these child victims. It breaks my heart. We all should be standing against violence especially violence of children!

  • Smiley

    That’s a damn shame!!!!! Where the hell was the baby’s mother???

  • amir

    He deserves the death penalty! Torturing someone I believe is as bad as killing comeone

  • Baybaybay

    This is heartbreaking that a newborn baby was beaten up and hurt like this where was her mother?



    WHERE THEY DO THAT AT???????????????????????????????

  • Candid Canuck

    where’s dexter when we need him.

  • Dee

    Released on bail? Why was bail set and who in the hell bailed him out. The justice system needs a makeover and quick!!!!!


    This beast should have never got a bond and should be put to death.

  • mrs coco from atl

    Wow what judge would grant him bail that’s crazy and what stupid person paid the money

  • alicia a

    Bet if it was a black man he would be put under the jail… this is just sickening and this devil of a satan SOB should be put to death.. and WHERE was the stupid ignorant azz mother.. and they talk about black folks?????????????

  • Mika Monique Monroe

    “Released on bail…” Seriously???!, the courts system is an fxcking joke!!!!
    on another note: WHERE THE HELL WAS HER MOTHER???!!!

  • Ruthless

    This is horrible! And to think somebody bailed him out of jail. He is a sick and evil individual. Since he admitted his guilt he doesn’t need a trial, just execute him quickly so he can’t hurt another child

  • hfeoiufheoit

    And he’s released????? Must be nice living in the White man’s world, smh.

  • GG

    wtf!!! What the hell is going on in the world where people are harming babies in disproportionate amount of numbers? This sick Fawk needs to be plunged in his a*s with broomstick when he gets to jail.

  • Chief

    Kill him!! Lord forgive me but this man does not deserve to live!!!

  • Tanya

    Wow! Seriously… Bail what’s the system coming too?

  • arkangel77707

    This is why there’s so much crime now days because sick ppl like this know they can get a bond set and be released from jail. And that sentence is ridiculous because the system gives drug dealers more time than that and I definetly see a prob with that. If and when he gets locked up I’m sure someone will teach him a real good LESSON. No child should endure this type of tourture.

  • Ms_Ukraine

    I’M IN TEARS! IS THIS FOR REAL?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Lilly

    Bless this poor little baby Lord. Please place her in a loving foster care home or a home with a relative that is filled with love. What a terrible way for a baby to come into the world. Please send your Guardian Angels Lord, please protect and care for this baby. Please let this monster NEVER have contact with this baby again and thank you Jesus for letting her not be able to remember this awfulness. The Devil and his children walk the earth y’all!!

    • imabeliever

      I am so happy that someone else knows that this man is posesssed and that OUR FIGHT IS NOT AGAINST FLESH AND BLOOD! All we can do is pray for the Lord to protect those who cannot defend themselves. We are living in the last days and Jesus Christ is on his way. Please prepare yourselves everyone or you will be LEFT BEHIND FOR THE WRATH OF GOD.

    • Deb

      Best post EVER.

  • Kallisa

    How in the hell did he get bail!!!!! This case is severe he should have been held without bail just to show an example of how horrid this crime against a child was!!!!!

  • 2hard

    Just tell me what general vicinity he in. I will fvck his world straight up

  • VD

    Why is this creature out on bond. We need to put the judge in jail with him.

  • foxtrott

    Why must color be involved the crime is horrendous no matter what the race is.

  • ss gyrl

    Wow and what does black have to do with anything! LOL The color thing will never ebd will it. MN isn’t really about the race thing anyways, there’s too many different nationalities here. Anyways I hope that person rots in hell, if he’ss not dead already. Who in their right mind would do such a thing to a poor little inocent baby.

  • Regina

    If he didn’t want this child or it got on his nerves so badly, why didn’t he give up the child to a couple that would love this little girl deeply. How can a human being do this to another human being? I also ask where was the mom. If she let this go on she should be right there with him in jail.

  • Missy B

    This is to sad to express in words. I would really like to hurt him. I feel the judge who set the bond is just as guilty for letting this monster get such a low bail. I know a drug dealer with a 150,000 bond. There is no justice system. I hope the person who bailed him out plans on tieing him up and torturing him in a remote area!!!

  • paula

    why did they leave that man out?????? hopefully someone sees
    him and has some fun with him.

  • I am lost for words…..SMH..i cnt understand wha was runnin thru his head when he did dat…I hav e 4kids and NEVER NEVER ONCE COULD THINK TO HURT MY CHILDREN IN NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM…I LOVE MY KIDS TO DEATH AND COULD NEVER TAKE DEM FOR GRANTED..THAT man needs more den 20 years..HE DESERVES TO DIE A SLOW PAINFUL DEATH..JUSTICE NEEDS TO GET SERVED.

  • kendrakay

    that poor little girl!!! only 20 years and 30,000 fine for almost killing his daughter.. she could still die then what will he get.. 40yrs… that is no where near enough.. i was abused from 2yrs old-15yrs old… so i know how it will be for that little girl.. he better never ever get any rights to her and he should be locked up for a hell of alot more time then that.. i hope he drops the soap and learns the pain that his baby felt

    • SHONDA

      he dont have to drop the soap for that to happen

  • dion erdahl

    i would like to have 5 minutes of alone time with this s.o.b.!!!


    thats it….if he is convicted….only 20yrs max….i hope the judge put him in jail for the rest of his natural life with no parole.

  • Darius

    i wanna kill him…only penalty is death………..

  • FRYday is upon us

    Ampe was released from jail August 19 after posting $50,000 bail.

    If convicted on the assault charges, he faces a maximum of 20 years behind bars and a $30,000 fine.

    WHY IN THE HELL WAS HE EVEN GIVEN BAIL??? This would be on of those “oops my bad, I thought he was reaching for a gun or weapon, and his head would accidently be blown off!!! 20 years, the system REALLY needs to check itself. His a$$ would NEVER EVER EVER NEVER see outside again. Child abuse is child abuse, and the color does not matter. Sick Fawks are just that, sick, and they come in all colors.

  • dexter fan

    My first thought here was the same as “candid canuck”…this is where our society needs a few Dexters. Our justice system fails in these instances…

  • Scott Masson

    This man deserves to be beaten, shaken, flipped, dropped, and then a bottle shoved in his face until he bleeds. Horrible.

  • Frano365

    they should let me kill him! what a wicked son of a B!t#h
    ugh! i wanna kill him so bad!

  • Kristy L Walker

    Are you SERIOUS??????????????????????????????????????????
    I read a comment above this one I am about to post, must be nice living in a white man’s world. I am white, but completely agree.
    What are the court systems in Minnesota thinking with even giving a set bail……????????????……..
    How can you set a price to a crime that is the next step to murder???????………..????????????
    How did he manage to post bail and what about the child….
    Bless her heart….
    My tears are built up in fear for what can happen next….
    Guys he is out, I believe he should be back in RIGHT NOW and receive the same punishment as Jeffery got…. What was it, a broom stick broke up inside of him?????
    Sorry, I still don’t think that would be a fair pay back…
    What justice is this child getting from this….??????,,,,
    NONE….. She is getting absolutely no justice from this….
    ONCE convicted….. He has already told his reasonings for such dramatic abuse, what more is needed to convict this sorry piece of WHITE TRASH….
    2o YEARS!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What is 20 years????????
    NO…… I totally disagree…..
    You can charge a child abuser of such hideous crime the same amount of time you would a man selling drugs?????
    Not saying the drug dealers are right in this statement, but atleast they are selling to provide food for their children and not striking a hand to their child’s head…..
    I will not say my prayers in good standards for this piece of trash, but let it be known God has no place for a person as himself, the devil however has that special hole burning in flames for him….
    I just wonder, where are the characters from Boonedock Saints at in a time like this….
    I do pray for the child and with wishes to the good caregiver for the unknown child…. Amen to you and I only pray you can keep this child in safe arms and don’t let her down….
    I am a mother of seven and only fortunate enough to raise six…. In the eleven years I have raised them, I believe I have only had to do my share of MAYBE six spanks to the bottom. I hid myself and cried after doing so there. Not that I had truly hurt them, but I was promised to myself I would not ever have to do a such thing…
    20 YEARS…….. What judge calls this justice????????????

  • Tarry Bartley

    This is truly a horrific story and the facts disclosed about the father of his own admission is baffeling. My heart goes out to the infant, her father, mother & family. First of all, no one knows about the mother so you can’t really comment. I just thank God the baby is alive. Remember Folks, there is a God & I just pray the blood of Jesus for healing, restoratio, deliverancen & salvation. The flesh wants revenge but God wants repentance and redemption. God will protect the child and he already has the victory. Just pray people, God will get the Glory!