Taylor Swift Reportedly Upset About Kanye West Apology, Says Kanye Needs To "Move On"


It seems as if Kanye West may have meant for his public apology to Country music starlet Taylor Swift to make amends for his past behavior, but it seems as if the gesture is backfiring.

According to published reports, Swift  is “not happy” about West bringing up the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards incident that left her standing in embarrassment while he spoke the truth threw a drunken rant on stage and also alleges that the producer/rapper is using her name to promote his new music.

A source told that Taylor is “fed up” with hearing about the incident and wants Kanye to “move on”.

“Taylor is furious that Kanye keeps discussing the VMAs incident,” a source said. “She’s fed up of hearing about it and is disgusted that he has the cheek to use her name to promote his new album! Taylor has moved on from the incident and is hoping Kanye will – eventually – do the same.”

Kanye West, who took to Twitter last week to apologize about the incident once and for all, admitted publicly that he was wrong for stage crashing Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech in front of live audience.

“With new found humility … who am I to run on stage? I would never ever again in a million years do that. Sorry to let you down.”

Kanye also stated that incident, although terrible, was perpetuated mostly in part by the media sensationalism of the incident and for “getting between” him and Taylor.

“That moment I was only trying to do good but people don’t always need my help. Beyonce [Knowles] didn’t need that. MTV didn’t need that and Taylor and her family friends and fans definitely didn’t want or need that.”

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    I think Kane heart was in the right place, because if it were me, I would have never told her I was sorry, because he was right about what he said. T.S. is like many of the so called singers and Kane is the only reason she blew up so big.

    • dabaddest

      So its okay for anyone to jump on stage and ruin someone’s acceptance speech if they are right about what they are saying? Its bad manners and disrespectful no matter what.
      And its old news so Kanye bringing it up now is just to get attention.

    • Kapri

      I agree. There is a silent, covert, secret problem. Now I see Ts is part of the problem.

      KW is a powerful talent…. who else could God use….

      Clearing the air makes better ways for everyone

      • Ms_Ukraine

        Leave God out of this one because you know damn well that’s not WHO Kanye’s as* rolling with these days…

    • Kapri

      I agree. That was something there. some will help and be glad

      KW is a powerful talent…. who else could ….

      Clearing the air makes all better for everyone

    • afan

      Speak the truth and you are so so so right. Kanye is a realist and he speaks what he truly feel is right and what he said was right but it was done in the wrong maner, real talk.

    • jeff

      r u kidding t.s. had something like a 6x platinum record b4 kanye opened his mouth because like a small child he disagreed with millions of ppl and by throwing a tantrum hes not sorry hes never just come out and said hey taylor im sorry for ruining ur first major …..however after kanyes past transgressions im not surprised he ran on the stage after a white singer beat out a black singer for an award

  • Anti-believer

    You’re so right dabaddest

    Kanye could saved his comments for a later interview than instead of doing it then.

  • Anti-believer

    You’re so right dabaddest

    Kanye could saved his comments for a later interview than instead of doing it then.

    Taylor is right. Knaye needs to move his black a-s-s on!

  • Kapri

    ‘They are going to know’ and ‘life gets easier’

    ‘we are the people, we can do it’

    now K is stronger and everyone else can be

  • jj

    why the hell would he need to ride a trash country pop girls name to promote his hip hop cd??
    lol ok taylor your getting ahead of yourself you got a lil shine from that but yo time is running out
    if anything her azz need to keep trying to milk it

  • They are both stars and like she said he should move on. He made his apology and that’s all he can do.

  • JJ

    damn the b!tch cant accept an apology huh, f her

  • Rated R

    Yall sites kill me with these no name “sources” who come up with this stuff.. Its sad that rumors are published with no credible backing besides another gossip site smh

  • Star

    that is hilarious that this white girl thinks kanye west needs her to promote his album. lmbo!!!! taylor please. it’s the other way around. k west MADE U A HOUSEHOLD NAME. if anyone should be saying anything, she should be thinking ye for making her relevant!

  • Michael King

    I have to agree with Taylor on this one. I do believe Kanye is using her to sell his records. To be honest most of his MTV fanbase disowned him after the incident. Kanye is a crossover rapper who can appeal to people of any race and a lot of his fans are white. I believe he is using these apologies to win his MTV crowd back and unfortunately it’s not working because they still hate him. And I also have to disagree with these people who say Taylor Swift wasn’t a household name before this incident, her first and second albums went 4x and 6x platinum, respectively. That sentence speaks for its self…

    • Mugu Yaro

      Proof of the saying that:
      If you kill a million blacks you are a conqueror;
      If you kill one white guy you are a murderer.

      For dissing Taylor Swift, white people will never forgive Ye. He shook them to the core. Same thing if your dog bites you. Makes you fear it forever no matter how loving it tries to be after that.

  • afan

    Beyonce was not the cause for the breakup with Destiny Child. I truly believe that if that b*it*ch LaTavia Roberson hadn’t convince LaToya Luckett to fire Matthew, maybe the group still would have been together until it was time to go solo. I believe LaToya began to realize the big mistakesa that was made too. Not a fan of Matthew, but he did give up his 6 figure job to help them to become the stars that they are/were. I didn’t see the other parents giving up everything like the Knowles to help the girls to become the world famous group that they are.

  • This arrogant chick has a lot of nerve to think that Kanye West is only apologizing to her again so he can use her name to sell records. He’s Kanye freaking West!!! Let’s check his resume. Grammys. Check. Platinum records. Check. Designed his own sneaker for Nike. Check. Designed his own sneaker for Louis Vuitton. Check. Has his own record label. Check. His fan base is huge yet he needs the help of a country singer to sell records? Honestly, that deserves an Ol’ Dirty Bastard N***a Please screw face…

  • whatever the only reason I even know who she is is because of Kanye….check out for hair care tips

  • JessicaJacked

    I understand this is a hiphop forum so a lot of you probably dont pay attention to Country/pop but just because you didnt hear of Taylor untill then dosnt mean she wasnt famous she was winning grammys and had #1 songs long before the whole 2009 vma incedint she had the top selling album of the year and and she was recently named the most downladed artist of all time so Mr.West and his douchbag moment did NOT bring her fame and she won that award fair and square Taylor Swifts album Fearless(the album the song she won for was on) went platinum 6x I am Sasha Fierce went double platinum so to say she didnt desreve to win is wrong you dont have to like her or her music but dont try and down play her succes because you dont listen to her

  • Realist

    I’m not a fan of either but kanye was wrong n Taylor got her fame from it, he does seem t b tryn t b relevant now tho rite round time fa sumthin t drop, but I mean all of the hoopla we love and that’s y they do wut they do(“famous”people.) n @rated r, y do u com t these sites knowing wut u gon find and complain? Y even comment? I like hearing good gossip!!! it’s up t u t find out if ANYTHING u read is creditable

  • Kapri

    God is in everything – get a second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh look or stop, look, listen

    peace be unto you

    dwell, sing, perform together in brotherly and sisterly love

    I trust Kanye for this one – so timely

  • Meg

    Destiny’s Child did break up because of Beyonce. Kelly said it herself. Her parents always gave her the best & treated the other two as back-up singers. She always got the best clothes, deals, publicity…everything! They couldn’t lead on any songs…they had no freedom to do things like a group should. The others that dropped out did the right thing, because they left the bullShyte & are doing fine on their own.

  • Kapri

    I appreciate Kanye.
    In light of my respect for all the views given here, I am suggesting that humans are not perfect, and the awards are subject to human judgments and decisions. I have seen the arts, music, and works of performance perfected through corrections, improvements, enhancements, suggestions, and enrichments.

    Since we like the awards, we resolve to accept the condition of their determination and existence with preservations and questions. Yet this one man cried out —

    For instance, the heisman trophy award trust is based on subjective and objective abilities and skills and is under scrutiny for violation of policies and decisions. Thus, I am considering that all awards have subjective elements that are subject to policy and individual scrutiny.

    In the VMA Web site, voting is unreliable, unfair, and not objective when my computer does not log the vote and contribute to specific counting. My vote was not accepted. What improvements can be made to the voting system to ensure that all votes are counted?

    What can be done to improve fairness and accuracy in the award system when a very valid point was made? I see KW point. The main point is the element of subjectivity involved in decision making for the award recipient.

    Can we actually improve?
    Do we really want to improve?

  • Prettyrenee

    Do you guys know how many people STILL threaten to KILL this man or tell him to go kill himself or wish death upon him because of that incident? He is just cleansing his heart out right now and she is the one being disrespectful.

  • Mika

    Honestly, I’m a complete country fan and listen to almost nothing but country. I absolutely love TS and had never even heard of KW until this incident. I can’t say much for him, but he’s a jerk for doing that to her, no matter what way you look at it. Honestly, she deserved that award no matter what he said and bringing it up now is just old news. Plus, the appology is way overdue so why is he doing it now? I don’t know if it’s to promote his new CD, but if it took him a year to appologise, it wasn’t worth doing in the first place. It’s like digging up a grave, and TS is right for being upset. She has moved on, and it barely seemed to mess with her reputation at all in my opinion. I think she’s right to be furious because it was dead and now he’s bringing it up again. It’s like saying “Oh yea remember when I made fun of you? Sorry.” It’s not even worth it, I wouldn’t accept it either. He should have done it sooner.

    • Mugu Yaro

      Stop lying & get the f@ck off this forum. WTF are you doing here if you only listen to country & have never heard of Ye….sometimes some of y’all’s ignorance makes me feel like killing myself.

  • Mika

    Oh and about the special things that he’s done. All the sneakers and whatnot.. Madonna’s daughter is making her own clothing line. Who is she? Does anyone know her name? Nope. Yea, exactly.

    • Air

      Yep! Madonna’s daughter’s name is Lourdes. Anyone can set up a clothes shop if their mother has the kinda money Madonna got.

      A lot of people make clothes but for a major existing brand to giveyou an endorsement deal or allow you to design under their label…..that is a sign that you have arrived. Ever heard of Nike Air? Check out my name.

  • Steeler Kenn

    When the incident first happened Taylor was on everyone’s show talking and making fun of it. Kanye was away getting help and clearing his mind. Now he is back in the spotlight and she is away for the moment. He deserves the same freedom of speech she does. And last I checked Kanye has never needed help selling his music. Taylor on the other hand should be thanking GOD Kanye came along and gave her that boost

  • durrr

    Who is Taylor Swift? Kanye just needs to keep making music and sampling king crimson.

  • Anti-believer

    Just because you don’t know who she is doesn’t mean we don’t. Speak for yourself. Some of us listen to other types of music and artist, not just skin color.

    Some people say the most stupidest things.

  • Mugu Yaro

    BREAKING NEWS: Kanye West ft Taylor Swift: The bad I’ve done.

    Release date: 20th September.

    Explains it doesn’t it?

  • ty

    As much as I think Kanye is a arrogant Dbag for saying he is the best artist alive, I see where he is coming with this. It takes awhile to make an album, I can understand why it would take him awhile to release a track on this.