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Lil Wayne Pens Final Letter From Jail


Lil Wayne has written his final letter from behind bars and is assuring fans that he’ll back soon.

As previously reported, the Young Money head will be in solitary confinement for the rest of his stay behind bars and asked fans to stop sending him mail because they were becoming a fire hazard.

Now with his November 3rd release date approaching, Wayne is penning his final message to his fans.

Speaking from his Weezythanxyou blog, he tells his loyal following that in 27 days the “ride starts again” and thanked them for the letters and pictures; the highlight of his days besides speaking with his children.

“Hello world. Time is ticking and I’m counting every second. Because of my new limitations, this unfortunately has to be my last letter. I don’t think people truly understand how much their thoughts and well wishes have helped me through this time in my life. Not everyone is as lucky as I am and it humbles me daily.

You would be amazed what positivity can do in a negative environment. I’m going to miss reading about your lives. I’m going to miss looking at the pictures. They were the highlight of my days aside from speaking with my kids. Don’t stress over this in 27 days, the ride starts again.”

He also thanked fans for supporting his new EP I Am Not A Human Being” and “Free Weezy” t-shirts.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who is supporting I Am Not A Human Being. It amazes me each time people go out and support my music. I’ll always be in debt to you for that. Keep rocking your “Free Weezy” tees and rocking out to my music. Trust me when I say this is almost over. I love you. I’ll continue to pray for all of you. Just keep doing the same for me.”


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  • Mathias ‘Renegade’ Ifije

    FREE WEEZY!!!!!

  • Ya Mama

    Who the Fawk this N*gga think he is? George Jackson or something? Stop sending us letters n*gga you ain’t no political prisoner you just a n*gga that got caught doin’ some n*gga Shyte! Spare us you fake a$$ Tupac…. Do ya time and when you come out you can overwhelm us with some more of your bullShyte music…

  • timikka


  • GeNeSiS

    If you did’nt care 02 flips about Lil Wayne then why waste your time???…Why even bother on seeing what he has 02 say 02 his FANS!…I Love Lil Wayne && so does his fans…&& when theres always something good happening theres always a hater in the mist! And sorry Hun your the hater. Stay Strong Weezy F. Baby…I Miss You…

  • hp1

    You ungrateful people, the man does not claim he’s an angel. Your negativity is all in your mind and heart, you are only making yourself feel bad by saying all this. If you can’t say anything good shut the hell up a– holes. People like you don’t understand life and if you had to go through the same thing, (if you were convicted of a crime you did do) or (falsely accused) hearing from people should be a good thing. That’s what he’s feeling. Feel the man fool.

  • Ican Breakthesecuffs

    Lil wayne youre a turd flush yourself

  • I thorte the president of the USA knew abouy lil wayne situation. I guess the boy is realy in a boble. i hate prison. its the worst that can hapen to a human being. My older brother just got extremely bad after being jailed/prisoner for a will. He is 67 and still going strong/rebelling against the chitstem. I realy think its about F.time the otority find a new sensefull!!! way to deal with people. Its been waiste of time til now.

    • Joseph G.

      Wow spell check please .

  • way out

    Wayne jst do ur thng man..thy wil hte nd u wil mke cash…da paper is urz hala

  • innw