Lil' Kim Explains Keyshia Cole Diss: "I Would Have Never Let Anyone Catch Wreck On Her On My Track"


Lil Kim Clears Up Keyshia Cole Remarks, “The Media Is Blowing Shyte Outta Proportion”

Lil’ Kim has taken to Twitter to explain her comment made about LA songbird Keyshia Cole during her rant on New Year’s Eve at a show in Massachusetts.

As previously reported, Lil’ Kim took offense to the collaboration of Nicki Minaj and Keyshia Cole for Keyshia’s single “I Aint Thru”.

According to Kim, the track which features Minaj, was a diss to herself and the “Queen Of Hip-Hop Soul” Mary J. Blige.

Speaking on the subliminal diss, Kim told the crowd that she and Blige are ready to “eat these Beyotches alive” and erase their social security numbers.

“I think this other Beyotch got a song with Keyshia Cole, right? Coming at me and the muthaFawkin’ other queen, Mary J. Blige. Me and my girl Mary J. Blige about to eat these Beyotches alive where they won’t even Fawking exist no more and erase their Fawking social security number! We gon’ remind them who the Fawk we are! I’m not playing with this Beyotch for 2011. I’m saying, we can rock together but Beyotch you ain’t taking nothing from me!”

Although video as been posted of Kim making the comment, now via Twitter, Lil’ Kim is stating that her remarks about Keyshia Cole were taken out of context.

“Let me address somethings since the media is blowing Shyte outta proportion,” Kim wrote January 2nd.  “i’ve always had love 4 @keyshiacole but i would have never let anyone catch reck on her on my track cause keyshia was my friend in my eyes. all i was saying on NYE was me & @maryjblige do what we do & are who we are. & when me n mary collab its always a movie. that’s my sister.”

Hmm…I don’t know if Lil’ Kim got a call from Frankie or Neffie, but I see Lil’ Kim is back peddling on this one.


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    Lil Kim will always be a hater. Use to love her, but now I can’t stand her. Don’t try to back track now Beyotch. We all heard what you said about Keyshia. Damn Kim when are you gonna act your age. Keyshia Cole has a family to feed. What she gotta do with your beef. YOu did a collaboration, yall aren’t best friends, I swear I can’t stand chickenheads like Lil Kim. Just remember haters never prosper!


    Lil Kim will always be a hater. Use to love her, but now I can’t stand her. Don’t try to back track now Beyotch. We all heard what you said about Keyshia. Damn Kim when are you gonna act your age. Keyshia Cole has a family to feed. What she gotta do with your beef. YOu did a collaboration, yall aren’t best friends, I swear I can’t stand chickenheads like Lil Kim. Just remember haters never prosper!! Please try a different tactic different this year.

  • hardback

    You”re not even being thought about. EMPTY!

  • Peppa

    I don’t see how this is back peddling. She just made a more detailed account of what she is talking about. When you are out on stage, and talking to a heated excited crowd, you go with the flow, and spit inuindos, and say things that are going to be taken as a diss. She still did not back peddle, and she is probably still going to go in HARD on the plastic clone.


    Hmm…I don’t know if Lil’ Kim got a call from Frankie or Neffie


    Frankie & Neffie….now THAT’S the ‘real’ hood pop off right there! keyshia’s family would eat her wanna-be thugs up for dinner!
    ain’t nobody messin’ with their GOLDEN GOOSE!
    lol 🙂


    ain’t nobody


    what’s up?!

    since when is NOEbody a bad word?
    suk much.

  • 718


  • Ummm…Really?

    @richfield “but remember KIm’s sucuess in music is part of the reason why hip hop is on a pop level today!”….. Really? But when Nicki does Pop she is a “sellout” she isn’t “real hip hop” But you basically said that Kim can incorporate pop into her music and that it’s okay. Some of you lil kim stans are HYPOCRITES!!!!

  • ThatBKChick

    None of these female rappers learned nothing from the greats in the game….Picture Weezy, JayZ going after scrubs who tries to throw shade at them…When you are confident in yourself, your skills, you don’t even bother with people at all..You prove yourself through your music and your fan base.

    Kim is too old for these games and she should be sticking to being relevant to the game, which Fox and Kim both are at a loss. None of these females, who were trailblazers, should have kept their mouths shut and belittle the haters by not responding or respond on a track and not let them know what is going to hit em….SMDH!! I should be someones manager or publicist, because the bishes don’t have a clue how to keep it classy and stay relevant in the hip hop game.

  • Greeneyedbandit

    And i hate for a b***h to talk Shyte,then try to clean it up.If Kim keep it up,she aint gone have no friends.She wont be a one hit wonder,but aint nobody gonna wanna deal wit her.

  • Jay

    I am a die hard KIM fan, but you would think KIM, NICKI, or KEISHA was signing yall checks. Its entertainment. Its big business. At the end of the day, nobody is seeing nobody in the streets. Its all funny to me. Love it!

  • Indiegal

    Really Kim! Kim is going in on any and everybody that’s rocking with Nicki Minaj.

    Kim is a plastic face hater! Keisha paid hommage to Mary, so why is she trying to throw Mary in the mist of her jealousy/envy for Nicki Minaj.

    Kim is a clown (literally). Kim is washed up and her time is over. Both Nicki and Keisha are much younger than she is!

    To make a long story short she is MAD.

    I liked lil kim until she started being fake with all the plastic and ish. She looks like Latoya Jackson’s lil plastic sis!

  • KrimKrim

    shouldn’t Lil Krimmy be thanking Keyshia Cole? The last time she had a hit was on Keyshia’s “Let it Go”. Now, Keyshia can’t work with Nicki because Krimmy is mad at Nicki’s success? I still am a fan of Kim’s (old music), but let it go girl. dayum. Make a hit record, that’s the best revenge. She just looks stupid otherwise.

  • moni

    how can somebody claim to be a fan of somebody but make a mockery of thier name! LMAO to many gimmicks out here now and days… like seriously lmao

  • bonita

    nicki got the right to still be throwing out disses torwards kim they the ones in a beef
    its the fact that kim trying to add other artist in this shyt that makes her look WACK
    aint nobody about to come to kim defense so she just decided to make up some shyt and throw mary and keyshia in it
    she doing some lame moves right now and i dont see how any of this can possibly help her comeback
    keyshia cole let nicki say her verse on her track cuz she payed nicki to do that why she gotta censor shyt just so kim raggedy azz wont be offended
    fck kim she need to go back to the rock she was under


    Ok… We know if it wasnt for kim nikki wouldnt exist.. Its nikki all day keyshia all day baby nikki is at the top came up quick so of course haters gonna hate keep doin what yall doin just makin them accoplish even more!!! Stay makin that money and haters keep it coming



  • ginobli

    kim just fall back we know u trying to create a buzz with you r record but your sounding like a hater now i think u nd beanie seigal should be in the same rehab

  • Mikey J

    And how the hell is Kim gonna speak for Mary?? If Mary comes out and says something that’s different but Mary is gonna be a classy lady and just do what she does best GOOD MUSIC.

  • mixed bad chick

    Is lil Kim azz retarded? Does she really think Mary j is going to get down with her on this ish. What is she talking bout? Epic fail Kim! Stop trying to drag Mary in this with u, she is still on top unlike how Kim fell off after biggie past away. I’m gona say this the same way Kim said to the repo man when he came to get her car ( get Da fuk outta here)!

  • mixed bad chick

    I use to like Kim before all this but she is losing her dang mind! Get ya mind right girl, you letn this game drive u mad! Ur gona wind up in a mental hospital with Gucci!

  • tweety0217

    Documentary should not be block out lol….

  • ShortStuff

    Why does everyone keep saying “If it wasn’t for kim…nicki wouldn’t be this or that..etc” What about all the female MCs before Kim???!!! I really don’t understand what she’s upset about?? Some say it’s because Nicki started it but how? She gave kim hommage in the beginning….dnt know what happened after that though…seriously thank about that, what reasin would nicki have to start beef with kim??? kim started the bull…smh…and every time she opens her mouth, she just makes her self look even more hateful and jealous….kim sit down before u lose the little bit of respect the music industry and fans still have for you….

  • Great Dame

    Cmon Lil Kim, make a mixtape already!!

  • MJLevene

    “Wondering if Kim got a call from Frankie or Neffie myself” lol