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Wife Hears Hip-Hop Music in Background & Calls SWAT Thinking Her Husband Is Being Held Hostage


A Wife Calls A SWAT Team After Hearing Hip-Hop When Her Husband Butt-Dialed Her

Apparently, some people think Hip-Hop  and hostage taker go hand in hand.

A Chicago woman wrongfully notified the police that her husband was being kidnapped  after receiving a phone call from her husband’s cell phone and only hearing Hip-Hop  music in the background.

The wife of the school system employee had an all out SWAT team dispersed when she became worried after receiving a call from her husband’s phone and only hearing what she describes as “gangster lyrics” in the background.

Apparently, the husband’s phone was in his back pocket and dialed the number of his wife accidentally. But, the urban music she heard and him not responding to her hellos, prompted her to think he was being kidnapped.

She later explained to authorities, “there were lyrics on the radio as he was driving home, and she listened to it and became concerned.”

More than 30 gun-toting officers converged on Carleton Washburne School.

Three hours after securing the premises and finding no kidnapper or hostages, the husband was found unharmed at home by police.

“He’s embarrassed,” says the school superintendent. “Who wouldn’t be? He’s taking it hard that it created such a response.”


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