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Eminem Will Not Receive Millions From Victorious Lawsuit Against Universal


Eminem May Not Receive Payment in Lawsuit Against Universal

It was previously reported that Eminem and FBT productions were the victors in a groundbreaking lawsuit against Universal Music Group.

The Detroit-based production team responsible for the instrumental backdrops on The Slim Shady LP, as well as selections from The Marshall Mathers LP and The Eminem Show won a settlement over unpaid royalties but Eminem himself was not a part of the victory.

According to Forbes’s Zack O’Malley Greenburg, Marshall Mathers did not agree to take part in the original lawsuit. There is no concrete reason but it is believed that an artist suing the company releasing his music could spark some backlash so Em’s absence at the proceedings will result in him missing out on the payday.

Marshall can still take them to court on his own for what would be considered a generally easy fight since the court has already ruled that digital sales count as a license making them worth 50% instead of 12% of royalties.

Do you think he should sue them himself for back pay or simply change future contracts?

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