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Remembering Michael Jackson: The Global Humanitarian


Michael Jackson:  We Are The World

One of the most generous humanitarians to ever have graced this planet with their physical presence returned to the essence 2 years ago, today.

Although much mention is not made of it – while still physically alive, the generous Michael Jackson donated millions of dollars, as well as countless hours, to numerous charities and other organizations which assisted many others in need.

While the main-stream media tends to focus on stories regarding the Pop-icon primarily based upon pure speculation, slanderous lies and/or unsubstantiated allegations; they rarely shed light on his unselfish hospitality and genuine love to help others who are in dire need, regardless of ethnicity.

Michael jackson & AIDS victim Ryan White

According to the 2000 Guinness Book Of World Records, Jackson supported more charities (39) that year, via money donations and sponsorships, than any other entertainer. Jackson’s financial contributions have helped in relief efforts in dilapidated regions throughout the world – mainly providing clean drinking water, food and medical supplies.

Jackson applied immense amounts of currency and time towards relief assistance for A.I.D.S. and cancer research, as well as to combat world hunger.  Also, he often visited hospital patients, raising their morale with his presence.

In 1984 Michael provided New York City’s Mt. Sinai Medical Center with a 19 bed unit for cancer and leukemia patients. Later that year, he then revisited the Brotman Memorial Hospital, where he was previously treated after being badly burned during the production of a commercial for Pepsi.

Jackson donated the entire $1.5 million from the azsoda’s sponsorship to the Michael Jackson Burn Center for Children.

Michael, along with Lionel Richie, co-wrote the biggest selling single of all time, 1985’s ‘We Are The World’, in an effort to raise money for Afrika and awareness of the imperialistic powers that are raping the Motherland.

The ‘Michael Jackson United Negro College Fund/Endowed Scholarship Fund’ was established in 1986. This $1.5 million fund is aimed towards college students majoring in communications or the performing arts, with money given annually.

Proceeds from his 1988 single, ‘The Man In The Mirror’, he donated to Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times, a retreat for cancer-stricken children.

The following year, Jackson donated tickets to shows in his ‘Bad Tour’ to underprivileged children. The proceeds from a Los Angeles show were donated to Childhelp USA, the biggest charity-organization against child-abuse. Childhelp ,of Southern California then established the – ‘Michael Jackson International Institute for Research On Child Abuse’.

Three years later, he set up a burn-unit for children and established the ‘Heal The World Foundation’, whose work has included: airlifting 6 tons of supplies to Sarajevo, instituting drug and alcohol abuse education/prevention and donating millions of dollars to less fortunate children.

Jackson then helped to organize the ‘United We Stand: What More Can I Give’ benefit concert in the wake of the tragic events which occurred on September 11 2001. Jackson also donated the proceeds from another song to surviving victims of Hurricane Katrina.

As is usually done by the powers-that-be, Michael Jackson’s character was assassinated when allegations of inappropriate behavior with young boys arose, but many people say the main-stream media chose to pursue those stories, rather than the more positive ones, in an attempt to take away from his credibility and his humanitarian efforts.

“How can people call him a child molester? What a great humanitarian. He was a very generous man who truly made a difference. Michael saw the world through the visual eyes of an artist, therefore he wanted to make a change – which he did! Just a shame the media rarely or never highlighted all of this. They chose negative trash over decent news. It’s very disheartening to read this and think back at the way he was mistreated during his time here,” determined La Mea Nua.

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  • Lee

    Thank you for this – you got everything right.

    • sdfag

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      —- Black’ White ‘Fli rt ” C óM —- 😛 😛

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  • lore

    now, this is a true journalism story. no bs. truth .
    thank u very much:)

  • Dimple

    Amazing article! thanks for writing this beautiful article. This is the man who was listed in the Guinness book of world records as the most charitable celebrity!

  • Debra

    R.I.P. Michael
    we love you

  • Debra

    sorry thanks for the positive article on Michael
    much appreciated, more than you know.

  • I still mourn the death of Michael. In my opinion when Michael died so did music. Music has been on the decline for many years but Michael’s death symbolizes the death of music.

  • Mary

    How refreshing to read a truthful article like this about Michael for a change. Thank you

  • Greeneyedbandit

    I miss Michael Jackson.Much love to the entire Jackson family~

  • Greeneyedbandit

    Much love to the entire Jackson family~

  • annie

    Michael was a victim of extortion and unfair reporting by the media. Thank you so much for writing the truth. I hope others follow your good example. This article warms my heart.

  • Sharon

    Sweet, learning something new all the time about this man. MJ had more than his share of tragedy and heart ache, but he did remember to help those who truly needed help.

  • Layne5

    Wonderful to read this ‘silenced truth’ about Mr. Jackson.
    Besides the music, this was a man who dedicated his life to
    healing the human condition. He put his person, time, considerable financial resources and unique artistry on the line every day. He believed; he was never indifferent to human suffering and the record confirms that. Someday the world will finally understand what we had and exactly what we lost.

  • Lady J

    Thank you for this wonderful article on a remarkable man. Keep writing the truth and with God’s help everyone will finally know the real Michael

  • Stan Chraminski

    MJ was the greatest entertainer ever and used that talent to do good throughout the world. Thanks for this article.

  • Susan Trout

    Thank you, Ice-Blue! It breaks our hearts that good stuff like your article rarely made the headlines while Michael was here but we need more writing like yours to vindicate him; to show the world just what we lost.

    Thank you again and God bless you!

  • TheresaB

    Thank you for this positive article focusing on Michael Jackson’s extraordinary philanthropic actions, both in time and money. It is estimated that he donated at least a third of his considerable earnings to charity. You are absolutely right about the media. They chose to report in a negative, judgmental and inaccurate way about Michael all for greed. It is refreshing to see the truth written.

  • truth

    Thank you for this beautiful and truthful article. I wish more articles like this were written to show the true face and heart of Michael Jackson. Unlike today’s celebrities such as Angelie Jolie and the alike, Michael Jackson never craved attention through his humanitarian work. He kept it secret because he was humble and he considered it his most natural duty to help, inspire and give hope to others. Thank you a million times for this article.

  • outlaw


  • Ona

    I was happy to read this article : at last, a journalist deserves his name, and write an actual, real story about Michael Jackson, based on facts!

    It’s true, Michael Jackson is the artist who gave the most (as listed in the Guiness Book of World Records) , and always dedicated himself to help others. Thank you for sharing all this with the readers.

  • Pendragon

    How refreshing to read a positive article regarding the late Michael Jackson. Much of what we read still relates to the gossip and exaggerations which dogged much of his life – and little is made of what a charitable and caring man he really was. So many have benefitted from his quiet generosity of spirit and in his own way he really did try to make the world a better place. Sadly, the stories you have told, along with countless others never made the headlines, and Jackson rarely publicized his good works himself. Thank you for bringing this to the pbulic’s attention.

  • Patricia Young

    Thank you for writing this wonderful article about Michael Jackson. While so many journalists have written about Jackson’s musical legacy, few have expanded their articles to mention his humanitarian efforts. It’s so good to read about another part of his legacy. Yet another layer of his legacy is his environmental efforts…he was an environmentalist before it became popular to be so. Not only did he want to help the sick and the poor people, he also wanted to save the animals and vegetation from destruction. Jackson has made this world a much better place and it’s a shame that his life was cut short at the hands of an incompetent doctor. The world has lost one of its best champions!


    *****NOTE: This article was initially mistakenly credited to “ICE BLUE”, when in fact “ICE PICK SLIM 17” is the actual author. The error has since been corrected.****

  • june

    Michael’s humanity and generosity were well known to anyone who took the time to get to know the man, rather than the legend. I have followed Mr. Jackson’s life and death very closely since June 2009 and this is one of the few articles to focus on his humanitarian worldwide gestures and generous heart and sould.

  • Sofia

    thank you so much for this wonderful article. This is true journalism. Thank you so much!!!

  • GraceC

    At Last someone has written about the real Michael Jackson, the humanitarian.
    Someone who used his influence and money to make a difference inthe world.

  • Rhea

    SO nice to see this write-up! He gave and gave until he could give no more, and that is what so many just ignore.

  • Tori Tompkins

    I must commend this writer for a piece which so accurately and poignantly reflects this man’s true spirit. The article also serves to highlight the dangerous and sickening levels of control the mainstream media can wield over the general mindset. Mr Jackson’s only “crime” in life was caring too deeply about his fellow man (He donated an estimated 1/2 billion dollars to charity,) of being so kind that people constantly took advantage of him-yet, despite that, he never ceased extending a helping hand to those in need. Tragically, all he received in return was unwarranted hate, abuse and slander, which, when reported by a biased and bigoted media led to the appalling character assassination of an innocent, kindly man who only wished to do good. I can only hope that this wonderful article is disseminated to an even greater readership and those in the mainstream media, animated by a seemingly rapid and never ending desire to crucify an innocent man, retrieve their consciences long buried under avarice and prejudice and afford Mr.Jackson the dignity and respect he so readily deserved, and yet was so barbarically denied in life. The world, in Michael, lost an incredible humanitarian, (as highlighted perfectly by the above article,) father and musician. How tragic people should ignore or shun these true qualities of his life in order to feed their own avarice. We have trampled over and destroyed a treasure we should have cherished-a sad reflection of modern day humanity, and the modern day mainstream media which seems to encourage, above all else, man’s inhumanity to his fellow man rather than fostering adequate conditions for the preservation of truth.

    • Anna

      Dear Tori,
      I agree wholeheartedly with everything you said but wish to comment on your phrase “a sad reflection of modern day humanity”. Persecution of good people has always existed , from the earliest centuries of man’s presence on this planet. Unfortunately, because of modern-day media and technology, the bad news travels faster and farther, so it’s more difficult to fight it. I commend Ice Pick for this wonderfully enlightening article about a man who was undeservedly persecuted for more reasons than we’ll ever know.

  • Barbara

    This is a wonderful article about an amazing man. Michael Jackson has inspired me in so many ways. I love to see articles like this that show the true heart and character of Michael. I am blessed to have lived during the time of Michael Jackson. It is a crime and a sad statement of our society that someone as humble, kind, generous, and caring was treated so harshly and unfairly. It is a testament to the purity of his heart that he maintained his loving ways throughout all the trials of his life. He is a man to be celebrated, and spreading the word through positive articles such as this is one way to advance the truth.

  • chip

    Thank you for the truth.


  • Sera

    Thankyou to the writer of this article for writing a truthful, fact-based tribute to this humble, giving, caring and loving human being. His humanitarian works rarely gets the publicity and acknowledgement it deserves. I commend you for publishing this story.

    It is so refreshing to read positive articles about Michael Jackson that actually describe his amazingly kind and generous spirit. He made such a difference to our world and in the lives of so many people. He really did use his influence and wealth in positive ways.

    This is who Michael Jackson was. Not the mis-characterisation mainstream media would have you believe.

    Thankyou for speaking the truth.

  • sherry

    i’m crying while reading your article..thank you very much for writing his philanthropic deeds that knows by few people only because michael doesn’t want recognition for his charitable works bcoz he believed if you flaunt or shout it, its not called charitable..

  • marcial

    thank you for writing an article which is the TRUTH about Michael Jackson.. ,God bless you! these are only some of michael jackson’s philanthropic contributions, there’s still more that are not written here, there’s more that only few real friends,family and the fans of him knew.., he did not just sit and talk, he did really cared, gave and helped, he DID! he still IS, 20% of his estate he left for children charities. He’s not only a great artist,a legend,most of all a doting father and a great humanitarian..

    Justice for Michael! rest in peace.. I love you my man.

  • Simone

    This article was beautifully written. I have been a fan of Michael Jackson since I was a very small child. I never believed the allegations against him because I knew how much he cared for people, especially children. I would tell people all the time that they were wrong about him, that he was a good man, eccentric yes, but still a wonderful person. I hope that more people see this and get to know him this way and that the negative reports on him will soon fade.


    Why do the mainstream media treat him so bad? Why can’t you just tell the truth and stop making things up?

  • Luvy

    Good article, couldn’t read the whole thing it made me very emotional. Michael’s real fans know that Michael was a cherished gift.

  • Queen Mother


  • Angela Rudolph

    Beautiful article. Finally someone decides to tell another side of Michael Jackson without making fun of him or taking away his dignity.

  • Theresa Gallagher

    Thank you for such a positive and accurate article about, not only a musical genius, but a generous and compassionate human being. It is refreshing to read an article that does not dehumanize and ridicule Mr. Jackson. Finally, after 4 decades of the media bullying and destroying this good man, the truth is told. Michael Jackson used his money and fame for helping those children who were sick, dying, underprivileged and/or simply ignored by adults. He was an ardent, vigilant, champion for children all over the world. Shame on the adults with the dirty minds who tried to destroy his beautiful spirit.

  • NayNay

    I like to thank michael for giving himself and his work to the world. He held his head up even though he was being bashed for being so generous to people needs there are a lot of selfish people out there in the world me myself and I. so listen world take lessons it will do you some good. It would be nice to have a husband a father like that. Maybe we wouldn’t have broken homes. people and kids are special here on this earth don’t take granted remember God knows your heart and michael had a heart. I hope he’s in heaven rejoicing. our family loves you. I guess people get jealous. Don’t hate participate. Haters never get through in life destroying people life like that. love and kissey Don’t be a reaper it will cost.

  • Thank you for this wonderful article!

  • Sammy

    Thank you for the beautiful article about Michael Jackson. He really deserves it!!

  • Dasun Allah

    The force is strong with this one. You are far from PADAWAN now, Icepick Slim… UNICRON DON AH SEH SO…

  • terri walters

    ICEPICK SLIM Thank You Thank You Thank You for highlightening the blessings Michael Jackson stowed upon humanity WHAT A POWERFUL SELFLESS MAN HE WAS but ofcourse because he is an iconic black man respect isn’t giving when its more than due…but again thank you for this silent truth on this man…

  • Maria Grazia

    This is journalism. Thank you so much. No day goes by without thinking of Michael Jackson charity work. I can’t believe people made his life a nightmare with lies and shameful allegations. He was a pure and innocent soul. So sad that media don’t talk about his humanitarian efforts. Thank you again.