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Lloyd:  King Of Hearts

After making his solo debut in 2004 with his Ashanti accompanied single “Southside,” Lloyd has yet to yield to the marker of R&B crooner. Juxtaposing R&B vocals with street savvy flavor, he appropriately covets the self given title of “walking controversy.” In his newest release, King of Hearts, the heart throb makes a daring move with his first album under his new label home of Interscope.

Under Polow da Don’s creative watch, Lloyd pushes the boundaries of consistency, with an album that at times sings of love and sensual escapades, yet shows no shame while chanting the contagious phrase “that vajayjay,” and painting sonic imagery of strip club bravado. Walking controversy indeed.

It’s daring, it’s bold, it’s rebellious, it’s honest and it’s dangerous. I love it for those reasons,” says Lloyd reflecting on “Dedication To My Ex.” With guest features from Lil Wayne and Andre 3000, the song quickly gained favor over the internet, released shortly before the album’s due date.. During an appearance on BET’s 106 & Park, Lloyd clarified that the “P” word was said 52 times.

Maybe it was that rebellious chant that made it so appealing, or its unique structure reminiscent of 1950’s rhythm.

“Me and Polow da Don went to Atlanta to record a few records and a friend of ours was working on a song and we just fell in love with it and started recording it and it ended up coming off pretty cool.”

While the digital world is still salivating over “Dedicating To My Ex,” Lloyd has his focus on his next single, “Be The One,” which the video was recently shot for on the West coast.

“We just shot [it] in Los Angeles with Trey Songz and Jeezy the day after the BET Awards. It took six hours to shoot it, everyone was kind of hungover.”

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